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MT82 Output shaft kit


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The MT82 6 speed gearbox fitted to the 2.2 and 2.4 TDCi is prone to the spline on the rear output shaft wearing which causes a total loss of drive, this spline 'frets' as it is dry in the same way the earlier LT77 and R380 mainshaft splines wear in the transfer case input gear, same thing, different spline.

The MT82 mainshaft comes out of the gearbox and a female/female coupling shaft (LR030054) is fitted to this with a large bolt.

A male/male coupling shaft (TUD500020) then fits into the LR030054 and the other end goes into the transfer case input gear.

The spline that wears is the one at the rear of LR030054 and the front of TUD500020.

We have devised a method to make this splined interface wet with oil which stops the wear.

We take a new LR030054 and spark erode two small slits in the front face where it fits to a bearing, also remove two teeth from the front spline at 180 degrees to eachother, then spark erode another two small slits on the rear face under the clamping bolt, this now allows oil to 'leak' out of the mainbox to this spline. We also turn a thread on the outside diameter and also make two O ring grooves.

The TUD500020 has a ground diameter that the transfer case input seals runs on, we take a new part and regrind it to run this diameter further up towards the gearbox.

We then make a new part which slides over the TUD500020, this has a seal fitted to the rear which seals on the new ground diameter and has both a diameter to seal on the O rings and a thread to fit it to the LR030054.

A spanner is supplied to fit this part.



Product Code: MT82 shaft

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Please click here to see the article in Land Rover Owner magazine with comprehensive fitting instructions 


A tip for removing the old collar in situ with the rear casing still fitted is to weld 2 M8 nuts to the 2 cut outs then either use a slide hammer or a 2 legged puller.

Fit the LR030054 and TUD500020 as normal, put a light smear of grease on the O rings and some loctite on the female thread in the ali collar before fitting,

Note when fitting the ali collar, check the oil seal lip does not accidentally fold back.

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Note the torque setting for the hex bolt that holds the LR030054 part is 133 fl lbs,

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Average Rating: 1.7

MT82 output shaft kit

Ordered on line 1/5/2017 at Perth Western Australia, arrived 5/5/2017. Great service, good bit of kit. To be installed later when clutch fails.

Les Malone :: May 05 2017, 10:35 AM

Third time's a charm - hopefully!

I fitted the Ashcroft shaft kit when the 2nd original part failed. First shaft lasted 3 years, 41000km, obviously dry assembly. Repaired under warranty, the second shaft was greased and lasted another 3 years, 45000km - In the end, not much grease was left! I hope that the Ashcroft-kit corrects the obvious design flaw and I won't have to change this da.ned shaft again soon. Will let You know in another 3 years/appr. 40000km!

Helmut Käfer :: Aug 03 2016, 20:39 PM

Review from downunder

I have a 2013 130 DC as a main work vehicle. Lots of heavy loads and trailers and not very good roads. At the 40K service I was of the view that the centre shaft between the gearbox and transfer case was starting to wear. More backlash in the system than I would like and the racket was coming from the centre. The expert dealer opinion was that everything was fine. I thought otherwise and ordered your replacement centre shaft and diff. If the transfer case was coming out then might as well do both at the same time. At 47K the centre shaft failed. I was right and the dealer expert was wrong. Under warranty, LR had to transport the vehicle 500km each way – that was the closest dealer – and I got them to install your centre shaft and diff instead of replacing with standard LR bits. Didn’t see much point replacing a shaft which had flogged out at 47K with another identical shaft. The difference this has made to the vehicle is staggering. There is now absolutely no driveline backlash at all.

AW :: Jan 04 2016, 08:52 AM

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