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0.900 Gear Set


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Product Information

We are very pleased to announce a custom LT230 gear set to be used in conjunction with the Cummins 6BT / 4BT ZF S5-42 gearbox conversion supplied by Reece Myers.


Features at a glance:

Input gear to suit ZF S5-42 gearbox only.

0.900 Ratio

Increased width of gear teeth on the input gear and corresponding intermediate gear.

Bigger bearing on high range side of intermediate gear.


Features in Detail:

0.900 Ratio, we have been aware for some time of demand for higher gearing for these low revving engines so after successfully making the 26 Tooth input gear for Reece to run with the 1.003 ratio gear set, we looked at how we could do this. Land Rover raised the ratios in the LT230 by reducing the diameter of the output gear but it was not possible to do this further as the 1.003 gear is already quite small and reducing it further would not be reliable so we made a new larger diameter input gear with 30T instead of 26T and this also allowed us to raise the output gear from 28 to 30T which helps strength. This gives an increase of 10.27% on high range.


Increased width of gear teeth on the input gear and corresponding intermediate gear. Rather than leave wide air gaps between the 3 rows of teeth on the intermediate gear we have increased the width of the input gear and middle row of teeth on the intermediate gear by 4mm from 32.50mm to 36.50mm. Please see below comparison:


Bigger bearing on high range side of intermediate gear. We have seen failures in the past of other brands of these input gears and I suspect these failures are related to the taper roller bearing in the intermediate gear failing on the high range gear side which then allows the intermediate gear to move out of mesh with the input gear teeth and the teeth then fail. We have machined the intermediate gear on the high range side to accept a 62mm diameter x 25mm wide bearing rather than the stock 52mm diameter x 22mm wide bearing. The bigger bearing has ratings of 64Kn Dynamic and 76Kn Static as opposed to the stock bearing having 54Kn Dynamic and 56Kn Static. This bearing (Timken brand) is supplied with a sleeve and spacer which are required to fit. See 'install' ref fitting notes. Please see below comparison of the standard bearing and the larger bearing supplied with the kit:

We would strongly recommend this gear set to be used in conjunction with our new HD 300M Intermediate shaft and our new HD 300M Output shaft.

Product Code: 0.900 Gear Set

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The LT230 has 2 ways to preload the intermediate gear bearings, the earlier design was to use the thin wall collapsible spacer which crushes as you tighten the intermediate pin nut which then preloads the bearings. The later design uses a thick wall spacer available in many different sizes which is just used as a shim would be to attain the correct preload. On these high torque engines, we favour the later thicker wall spacer method but because of the bigger bearing the stock sizes will not work. We would suggest machining the stock spacer down to the required height in a lathe, we have found 52.85mm to be correct but if you can get more, I would advise matching them + 0.05mm and - 0.05mm i.e., 52.80 and 52.90 and see how they feel.


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transformed my defender

gearset for my cummins powered defender, couldn't be happier with the product and service. the gearing has transformed the driving style. made the gearing much more useable.

gareth brewin :: Dec 11 2020, 22:14 PM

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