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1.100 Gear Set


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We are very pleased to announce a special 1.100 ratio gear set we have made for the LT230T.

For those not familiar with these ratios, this means the input gear will turn 1.100 times for each turn of the output flanges. The low ratio stays the same at 3.321.

This ratio can be used on vehicles with non standard engines or are well suited to tuned TD5 Discoverys or tuned TDCi Defenders which will already have the 1.2 ratio but because of the additional power feel 'like they need another gear'.

You may find it useful to use our 'ratio calculator' to see the reduction in engine RPM when using this ratio.

These have the thinner type engagement teeth on the high gear and so will fit the LT230's with serial number XXD226368E and later.

For some transfer boxes an additional gear will be required in order to fit this kit. These gears are made to accept the 26 tooth input gear which all 1.410 and 1.667 ratio LT230's will have. If you have a 1.208 ratio a new input gear can be supplied at £ 45, if you have a 1.211 ratio (all Disco 2's and TDCi defenders) a new input gear can be supplied at £ 65.

Please advise your serial number on ordering and we will contact you if it is required. 

Product Code: 1.100

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Perfect Ratio!

When converting my 101 Ambulance to automatic, I had the choice of the usual LR ratios for the transfer box. Before deciding which one, I bought a compleat 2nd hand auto/tranfer unit from a V8 Disco to use for mocking up the necessary brackets and to avoid the core charges on both units. It confirmed that the 1.2 to 1 was too low. So I went for the 1.003 to 1, which the tuned 4.6 pulled fine apart from the occasional motorway incline which needed the gears to be manually pulled into 3rd. When I saw this option, I was VERY interested, and now having had then fitted it really is the perfect ratio for mine. Despite only being 8.8% lower, it pulls much stronger in EVERY gear but without adding too many revs when cruising. It now actually accelerates on the same motorway gradients when asked, without the need to change down. With the engine closer to peak torque at cruising speed (60-65mph), it MIGHT even save some fuel... ????

Paul Mayer :: Aug 15 2019, 18:32 PM

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