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A standard 2 pin diff centre, as fitted to all Discoveries, Defender 90's and Defender 110/130 front diffs can be a weak point in the drive train as the single cross pin can either friction weld to one of the planet gears which then spins and wears the casing hole or they can just shear, either way the 2 pin stock diff will not take much off road abuse before failing. They also wear prematurly if the traction control is used excessivly ie in sand etc.

There are various options to strengthen the diff, fitting our Ashcroft Locker, our Ash ATB and other manufacturers centres but the other option, which is lower priced and retains the standard open diff properties of the 2 pin is to fit our 4 Pin Diff Centre.

The casings on our new 4 pin diff centre are machined from Billet EN24T and have the larger 18 mm diameter cross pins fitted, which are considerably stronger than the earlier 16mm 4 pin design.   This means the 4 pin diff centre is much stronger and more reliable and not prone to the failure that the 2 pin diffs suffer with.

We can also fit this centre to your diff for you for £95 + VAT if required (plus the cost of any bearings and seals if required).

We can fit new journal bearings, not included, to the centre for you.  Please add this option if required.

If fitting to a P38/Wolfe diff you will require a P38 spacer, below and if fitting to a 4.7 diff, you will require a 4.7 spacer ring, below.

Fitting Options

If you bring or send us your diff we are able to install the 4 pin centre for £95 per diff.   If the fitting is to a P38 diff then there will be an additional £32 for the P38 Spacer Ring required to fit.

In some incidences there may be additional parts required and these will be charged in addition to the costs above.

Note these costs assume you already have a 24 spline axle.  If you are upgrading from a 10 to 24 spline set up you will require additional parts and these prices will be incorrect.  Please contact us for further details if you are looking to upgrade the axle.


All the above prices exclude VAT

Product Code: 4 PIN DIFF CENTRE

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4 pin diff centre

what a well made bit of kitt I run a turbo 4bd1 isuzu with isuzu 5 speed, front axles and diff were weak spot now with ashcroft 23/24 spline axles and 4 pin diff it will be as bullet proof as i can make it , thanks Ashcrofts

ALAN COE :: Oct 13 2017, 06:41 AM

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