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P38 type position switch


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There are a few types of position switches used on the P38, they are ID'd by the 10 digit number on the back, the notes below are for switch '0501 209 535'. You can use this switch for the compushift but it's not ideal as if wont run the reverse lights or inhibitor switch.
Notes :
We can only supply used, not new.
There are 2 type of selector shaft on the side of the autobox, the Disco 2 one has an 'O' stamped on the end of the shaft, the P38 one does not, to use this switch you will have to use the one without the  'O'.
The compushift 'transmission type' must be set to 'ZF4HP24 with P38 switch',
Wiring, the switch has 6 wires, wire as follows :
Switch number 0501 209 535
Switch wire                Compushift plug
Grey                             A
Yellow                         B
White                           C
Black                           D
Brown                          not used
Green                          not used

Product Code: compP38

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