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Compushift potentiometer type position switch


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Compushift Potentiometer Type Position switch

The compushift needs to know where the shift lever is and there are 3 types of position switch that can be used, this type is our preferred option, they are new, available, reliable and waterproof.

This type attaches to the side of the autobox with 2 levers and gives the compushift ECU a 0-5V signal depending on the shift lever position. There are 2 types of shift lever shaft that come out of the side of the gearbox, this can be used on either type, It fits on like this :



Note, when using this switch you must select under transmission type, 'ZF4HP24 w/HGM lever sensor'

Once fitted, it needs to be checked and programmed with the following 3 sequences,


1) go to 'setup', select and scroll to 'system diagnostics', select this and scroll to 'voltage inputs', this voltage should change as the shift lever is moved. Press the bottom left button twice to exit.


2) next, enter 'setup' and 'advanced menu' and select 'shift lever voltages', put the shift lever in Park, check the compushift display shows Park and then press a sequence of 4 buttons,

centre, up, top left, centre,

this will record the voltage in Park, now move the shifter to 'Reverse' and scroll up or down on the display until this also says reverse, now press the same '4' buttons to set this voltage,

repeat for each gear position, note Drive will show as '4' on the display, once complete press the bottom left button twice to exit,


3)  go to setup, diagnostics, shift lever display, when you move the shifter, the correct gear should be displayed on the compushift, note 'Drive' will show as '4' and 'Park' will show as 'N'.



Product Code: COMPpot

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