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David Eddy


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Hi team

Well your name and product is first rate here in Australia .

We have just purchased our first land rover defender -the green oval bug has bitten .We have had diesel jeeps for thirty years (4) and are used to some idiosyncransy in our vehicles .We have just purchased a 2011 2.2 defender with 40 thousand kilometers on her.We plan to do several big trips towing a rather heavy off road van.As far as axels and DIFFS where do you think we should start .Do you have an Australia supplier or some one here in Australia who can advise us on your products .My twin ten year old sons have asked can you send them (us) some stickers for our new machine ..We call her the PUG ?.

Sons of Dave 2/23 Nash street Grange ADELAIDE 5022 Australia

Product Code: DAVDN6AE48

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