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300 TDi Defender Auto Kit


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Regrettably due to poor parts availability and a back log of orders our kits are not now available until 2022.  Please contact us by email from December 2021 and we can take orders from that time.  We are sorry we are not able to supply sooner.


Kit to Convert the Tdi Defender to Automatic Transmission 


For this conversion we use the 4HP22 autobox. The lengths of the auto and the manual box are the same so the existing transfer case can go straight on the auto with no modifications.


The kit is comprised of the following products:-


Autobox, 4HP22, rebuilt, outright with torque converter, £975

Crank assy, to include adapter plate, starter ring, flexplate, buttress ring, boss, £225

Oil cooler & pipes, to include, cooler, 2 x pipes, £225   Note this is our oil cooler kit Type 1. See here for details of this kit.  For an additional £30 you could change to our oil cooler kit Type 2.  See here for this type

Shifter, to include, shifter & cable £345    Please see here to view this product

Diff lock linkage £50

Swan Neck, Hi-Lo mounting bracket, FRC8558 £60   Please click here for product details

Shifter Mount Bracket £35    Please click here to view this product

NAS Centre Console  £355     Please click here to view this product

Rubber trim and foam pad £46    Please click here to view this product

Hi Lo Gaitor  £28   Please click here to view this product

Clutch Pedal Box Blanking plate  £6   Please click here to view this product

Console Support bracket £12     Please click here to view this product.  This product is only requried for the 110/130 vehicle.  Please select the dropdown option if required

Footrest bracket and rubber pad £34   Please click here to view this product

Fat brake pedal and rubber pad £32   Please click here to view this product

300 tdi Kickdown brackets £36      Pleaae click here to view this product

Dipstick filler and tube £50   Please note that his part is now very hard to source. If we have none available we will ask you if you would like us to supply an autobox with a non- dip sump (kit price remains unchanged) or source your own filler and tube.


The Defender Auto Plaque is not included the kit but is a nice addition.  If you would like this please select from the dropdown menu.


Sorry we are unable to offer a fitting service for this product.




Product Code: TDI CONV KIT

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