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TD5 Defender Auto Kit


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Product Information

Regrettably due to poor parts availability and a back log of orders our kits are not now available until 2022.  Please contact us by email from December 2021 and we can take orders from that time.  We are sorry we are not able to supply sooner.


We are able to offer an electronic conversion kit for the Td5 Defender using the the Compushift to control it.

The compushift has the ability to make the autobox shift exactly as you want it, lock up when you want it, switchshift etc, when set up correctly it drives perfectly, just like a factory vehicle.

The conversion uses the stock Disco 2 TD5 autobox so if you are on a budget, you can get the autobox, converter, starter ring, cooler Etc from a breaker and just buy the Compushift and console from us to complete the job.

Please note that the shifter in the above photo is the upgraded Disco II shifter.  The standard kit comes with this shifter.  If you would like to upgrade to the Disco II shifter please select this option in the dropdown box.

Please have a read of the "Technical Info" section on heavy duty upgrades.


The kit is comprised of the following products:-

Autobox, 4HP22, rebuilt, outright with torque converter, £1.225

Compushift £795

Potentiometer switch  £185   Please click here to view this product

Crank assy, to include starter ring, flexplate, buttress ring, boss, £190

Oil cooler & pipes £245

Shifter, to include, shifter & cable £345    Please see here to view this product. 

Swan Neck, Hi-Lo mounting bracket, FRC8558 £60   Please click here for product details

Shifter Mount Bracket £35    Please click here to view this product

NAS Centre Console  £355     Please click here to view this product

Rubber trim and foam pad £46    Please click here to view this product

Hi Lo Gaitor  £28   Please click here to view this product

Clutch Pedal Box Blanking plate  £6   Please click here to view this product

Console Support bracket £12     Please click here to view this product.  This product is only requried for the 110/130 vehicle.  Please select the dropdown option if required

Footrest bracket and rubber pad £34   Please click here to view this product

Fat brake pedal and rubber pad £32   Please click here to view this product




The Defender Auto Plaque is not included the kit but is a nice addition.  If you would like this please select from the dropdown menu.


Please note that the lead time on kit orders is around 3 weeks.


The price shown is for the kit only however we are able to offer a fitting service for an additional £1,200 plus vat and this price assumes we keep the manual gearbox.     We would require the vehicle is with us for 7-10 working days.   Please contact us directly to arrange a fitting appointment.


Product Code: TD5 AUTO KIT

Technical Information / FAQ's » (Click to Expand Collapse)

Heavy Duty ZF autoboxes

We are able to supply the ZF4HP22 with optional strength upgrades depending what you are doing with the vehicle, what gearing, what engine Etc.

Stage 1 upgrade

We can build the 4HP22 but fit the centre section of the box with the bigger 4HP24 internals which upgrades one of the weak links being the C1/C2 one way clutch, the 24 one is much stronger.

another part which gets upgrade is the Planetry Gearset, the solid 24 type being much stronger,

Just the centre internals are changed so the box stays the same externally. This upgrade is an additional £ 250.

Stage 2 upgrade

The box can be built with both the 4HP24 internals as above but also the 24 front end as well giving you the added strength of having the larger 24 "A" clutch, also a weak point with the larger engines,

The fitting implications of doing this is the unit is 15mm longer. This upgrade is an additional £ 500.

Torque Converter Upgrades

The ZF auto as used in the LandRover vehicles uses three different diameters of torque converter. Small. Medium and Large.

"Small" is used on the 300 Tdi, P38 diesel and the TD5.

"Medium" is used on the 3.9, 4.0 and the later 4.6 P38.

"Large" is used on the early 4.6 P38"s

note the large converter can only be used with the stage 2 as it will only fit the 4HP24 front end.

A larger converter is desirable on a tuned engine for a few reasons :

1) Lower stall speed, there's little point in having a nice torquey engine if the converter is not transferring the drive and you are revving straight past it. A larger converter will reduce these revs and allow you to take up drive earlier which results in much more relaxed driving. This is by far the biggest advantage of upgrading the converter. Note these reduced revs are not to be confused with lower gear shift points, these stay the same as they are determined by the autobox ECU programming.

2) Less heat generation because of the lower stall speed and reduced 'slip'.

3) The converter has a lock up clutch inside and the smaller one struggles to cope with a stock engine, never mind a tuned one. This clutch can slip as you accelerate when it should be staying locked.

TD5's - The stock converter is the small one. If you have a stock engine, stick with the stock converter. If the engine has a mild tune then we would recommend upgrading to the medium diameter one, we have sold quite a lot and get very good feedback. This option is an additional £ 240 when ordered with an autobox or £ 315 exchange + £200 refundable core charge when ordered alone.

V8's - We would recommend the stage 2 and the large converter with a 4.6 or more. To fit the large converter you will need the 4.6 boss and flexplate assy to match the bigger converter which we can supply at £ 175.

2.8 TGV - We would recommend the stage 2 and the large converter with the 2.8 TGV, When using this setup be sure to order the correct conversion kit to suit the large converter. The part number for this kit from Motor and Diesel Engineering in the UK is Kit '82E'. See below for additional notes on the 2.8.


TD5 ZF upgrades

If you are converting your TD5 Defender to auto you have a few options, I though it may be useful to give some guidance based on our experience.

Stock 90/110, fine with a stock 4HP22 Medium Tuned 90, stock ZF, uprated converter Medium Tuned 110, stage 1 ZF, uprated converter Fully Tuned 90, stage 1 ZF, uprated converter Fully Tuned 110, stage 2 ZF, uprated converter Tuned Challenge 90, stage 2 ZF, uprated converter

Oil Temp Info

click here for a guide on oil temps

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Auto Box

Wow what a revelation. Only had the vehicle back for under a week but initial signs are all good. Having suffered an injured knee in an accident I was finding the heavy clutch a bit onerous. You could debate about the cost but if your committed to Defender ownership then this is for you if you need an auto! Should have been a factory option! The turn around was quick and the staff were very friendly and helpful, Dave personally involved as well. Overall pay the man and enjoy the auto.

Bill Duke :: Jan 29 2018, 13:52 PM

Td5 Auto heaven

Had my 2001 td5 110 converted, to auto as I was finding the heavy clutch was giving me problems. Old injury to my left foot. With electronic shift sublime easy driving everyday comfort. Why this was not aneed everyday option I'll never know. Just brilliant.

shaun stoddart :: Jan 24 2017, 21:07 PM

Auto defender

Following a back injury i looked into convering my work defender to auto. Best move i ever made! I tow 3.5 tons regularly and properly set up it makes the ultimate towing vehicle with no overheating. I know own two auto defenders, both ashcroft boxes. Defender heaven!!

Sandy :: Dec 10 2015, 22:43 PM

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