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Imperial Bearing Sleeves


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Pair of Imperial bearing sleeves

These spacers are required when fitting a metric diff centre with metric bearings into an imperial casing,


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Press the metric journal bearing outer into the sleeve using "Loctite" bearing fit.

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The diffs went from imperial to metric in approx 1983, to determine what you have you will need to have a close look at one of the heads of the four large journal end cap bolts, if it has "8.8" on the head it"s metric, if not then it"s imperial and you will need the sleeves if you are fitting a Truetrac or Detroit locker.

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Imperial Bearing Sleeves

The differential on my 1960 Rover'100' failed south of Paris due to oil starvation caused by a failed oil seal. A second-hand diff from a Rover Discovery was fitted as a 'get me home' solution. Unfortunately this diff does not have an oil filler hole in the casing. The metric differential was removed from the Discovery unit and fitted to a spare Rover '100' casing. The result is excellent the higher 3.54 ratio of the Discovery unit is much more suitable for modern motorway use. The imperial bearing sleeves made this solution possible. They were simple to fit and provide an excellent solution to a difficult problem.

Fred Byrne :: Mar 13 2017, 16:44 PM

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