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We can supply both the earlier (26th tooth) and later cross-drilled (26th and 28th tooth) input gears.

To identify which type you need you will need to look at the your transfer case serial number. The last letter of this will denote whether your vehicle is able to accept the later cross-drilled type. A transfer box with the suffix A or B will only accept the earlier 26th tooth, non cross-drilled type (FRC5428). A transfer box with the suffix C onwards will accept the later cross-drilled type. See below to find the serial number :

Defender Guide :

Suffix A or B uses a FRC5428, not available cross drilled @ £ 55 

Suffix C to F uses a FTC5089, cross drilled @ £ 45

Suffix G, 300 TDi or TD5 uses a FTC4962 @ £ 65,

Suffix G,  TDCi uses a FTC4850 @ £ 65,

Disco Guide :

Suffix C to serial number XXD308626E uses a FTC5089, cross drilled @ £ 45

Serial number XXD309143E to XXD551442F uses a FTC5087 @ £ 85,

Suffix G uses a FTC4850 @ £ 65,

Product Options

Do you need a new pair of bearings for the new input gear ?

If you find you have the earlier FRC5428 we are able to supply the oil feed plate which will enable better oil lubrication.


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Product Code: Input gear

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This gear is the first gear in the LT230 transfer box and the LT77/R380 output shaft engages into it. As it is prone to wear we recommend that this part is inspected when changing either the LT77 or R380 gearbox. The later cross-drilled type was modified from the earlier type to aid oil lubrication of the gearbox. If you have a 200 tdi Discovery or Defender, or any R380 your vehicle can accept the later cross drilled type. For other vehicles, in order to identify the correct gear, we will need to know the serial number from you transfer box to identify the correct gear (see transfer box section to identify this number). The earlier transfer boxes suffixed A & B are unable to accommodate the cross drilled input gear and we would only be able to supply the earlier type, FRC 5428.  If you do need an FRC5428 then you can add additional lubriction by fitting a oil feed plate

If you are fitting a cross drilled gear to a LT230 which is fitted to an 4 speed automatic you will need to check the length of the spline on the automatic gearbox output shaft, note the cross drilled needs a longer spline on the

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LT230 Input Gear & Shim set

Arrived next working day, wrapped in oilcloth, nicely machined and with the 10mm oil feed cross drillings, I fitted the old bearings and installed in the car within an hour, Job Done Highly recommended.

Steve Lee :: Mar 04 2021, 22:38 PM

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