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LT230 High Capacity Sump


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Product Information

We are now able to offer the High Capacity sump for the LT230,

The wedge shape increases the oil capacity by 0.5 litres and keeps ground clearance the same.

You still use the original drain plug and the sump has a boss you can drill and tap if you wish to add a temp sensor. Sturdy aluminium construction with fins to aid cooling.

Note, will not fit on V8 Defenders as it fouls the exhaust, please check before ordering.

Please note the bolt, washers and nut are supplied with the non TDCi option.

When fitting to the TDCi the sump will be supplied with a M10 x 35mm bolt, 2 washers and a half nut. On the TDCi the sump needs to be fitted short edge down and the new bolt used in order to clear the existing exhaust clamp bolt.

Please see photo for TDCi install only:



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Product Code: 230HICAPOILSUMP1

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

LT230 high capacity oil sump.

I’m really impressed with this product! I’ve recently done a full weekend of of green laning in Wales and on another occasion towed a heavy trailer, both times during hot weather. The ‘slop’ in the transfer case that was previously common once the oil had warmed up has all but been eliminated. Easy to fit and money well spent.

Robert Fraser :: Jun 02 2019, 07:10 AM

Great Product

For a year now installed. Everything tight and the most important, the oil temperature lowered by 10-15 degrees Celsius, because during long highway trips, the transfer case was always so hot that it began to rattle. The oil was "burned and cut". When changing oil, the old oil had no longer a proper lubricating film and smelt burned. The oil was also like water and not greasy like oil. Not a good sign. Since the new oil is inside, longer highway rides are possible. I have 0.8 liters more oil inside without problems. With my colleague I had to reduce the amount, because the oil seals did not tolerate the extra amount. Okok he also has a 200 hp tuning. Great, product. I am very satisfied.

Tom Köpke :: Jan 13 2019, 11:18 AM

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