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P38 Selector Pin


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The P38 Range Rover R 380 gearbox has a selector pin at the front of the remote selector housing, this pin drops into the gearbox to connect to the gearbox selector yolk.

There are 2 types, this is the more common M9 thread, note there is also a M10 thread but we are not able to supply these.

This pin is prone to shearing at the end of the thread and is not available from Landrover.

If the gearstick suddenly loses all gears and just moves about freely selecting nothing, this is what you need.  



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Product Code: P 38 Pin

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This can be done with the box in situ, but it is not an easy job. The fix is simple, but gaining access is not. You can attempt to do this by removing the mounting bolts on the mainbox and transfer box and lowering them as much as possible. You will then need to follow the steps below but if you are still not able to do this easily it may be preferable to remove the gearbox and refit. The pin has broken off inside the unit and will first need to be removed. The pin breaks below the thread and one part will be inside the gearbox and the thread will be stuck inside the top remote selector rail. Once the top assembly has been removed you should be able to lift the rest of the pin out. If it has dropped inside the box you will need to remove this, a magnet should help you do this. You will then need to remove the thread by using a Eziout or similar tooling. Once both parts are removed you can refit the new pin.

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