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FL Viscous Coupling


Product Information

Fitted inline with the rear propshaft on the Freelander vehicles,     Bearings not included.

As described in the Freelander section this component is prone to failing causing further potential damage.

To check the condition of your unit :

1) Jack up one rear wheel

2) put an 18" bar through the rear prop UJ and try to turn it.

3) it should turn slowly with resistance Please note even a good one will be quite tight.

This product is new and is sold on an outright basis. Fitting Service We are able to offer a all-inclusive same-day fitting service which includes the new unit, removal and refit, VAT and free use of a courtesy car. £558.  

Please note that this fitting price also includes replacement bearings. 



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I get lots of enquiries about these viscous couplings and the truth is even a good one is tight but a bad one is locked solid, I sometimes get asked if you can just remove it and I know for a fact that some traders do remove the viscous coupling and rear propshaft and run it now as a front wheel drive and I am told it drives much better. Although I have not tested this I wouldn"t be surprised if it actually lasted better as a two wheel drive because when four wheel drive it is driving the car with the front wheels and fighting the rear wheels because of the tight viscous and gearing difference but as a two wheel drive it is just driving the car with no resistance from the rear. If I am wrong let me know.

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freelander VC

We have the rear wave already several times expanded and the vehicles are drive really very good. It saves the VTG and also in the winter the front drive is sufficient as long as the vehicle is used only onroad. The fuel consumption drops by approx. 15% and the vehicle is also quieter.

waldl sportive offroadtechnik :: Nov 28 2016, 16:34 PM

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