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4HP22/4E FAQ'S


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I can pull off in position 1 on the shifter and reverse is OK but in 'D' it will either not pull off or will crawl off in 3rd, why?

One of the internal one way clutches has failed which means that when you try to pull off in 'D' it slips for a few seconds before the ECU recognises a fault then the ECU puts it into 'limp home' which is 3rd gear, then it pulls off, its not easy to just charge this part so usually the whole box is replaced, note this fault can be caused if the chain in the transfer case is jumping.

What is the oil capacity of the ZF 4HP22 ?

Oil change approx 5 Litres

Dry fill approx 9 Litres


Whats the oil fill proceedure if the autobox is the later type sump with no dipstick ?

Remove the plug in the front face of the sump, fill with oil until it overflows, start the engine then pump fast to replenish the oil as it will be sucked into the autobox, fill until it overflows again, when it overflows, move the shifter through each position to get any air out. put the plug in. road test and recheck.


The flexplates on my Td5 keep breaking.  Why?

 This is usually caused be mis-alignment between the engine and the gearbox.  Check all your dowels are present and correctly located.


Where is the Ashcroft Rebuilt number located on the autobox ?

Please see this photo to show the location of our RB number.  It will be one letter and four numbers.  i.e. D4567


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