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Series Shafts


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We have manufactured a small quantity of shafts, made to our heavy duty specification in '4340' alloy steel. These are designed to fit the rear axle of a Series 3 rover axle and are 24 spline at the diff end and 24 spline at the flange end. To fit these shafts you will also need :

Drive flanges, 2 x 571711,

Seal, 2 x RTC 3516  (number superceded from GHS1007)

Cap, 2 x 219098

Circlip, 2 x 549473

Product Code: Series Shafts

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Average Rating: 5

Uprated shafts for my SD1 v8 powered 88

Had these shafts fitted for about 4 years now and they have been brilliant! The factory shafts would last me about 6 months of road driving or maybe a weekend of off roading (if i was very gentle with the throttle and clutch). I found myself spending as much on original shafts as a set of these from ashcroft, so i thought it time to invest. You would think the only thing i could say is they work or they dont... but you can feel a change. The original shafts are very 'elastic'and you can feel that bounce when you roll to the handbrake, but not with these. And of course they haven't broken! As the shafts had inner and outter 24 splines i did invest in an ashcroft airlocker at the same time and used the diff pegging kit. Its not just saving money that im glad about but its the trust i now have in the vehicle to be able to use it as i intend, there is no background worry in my mind about not getting home due to mechanical failure. Its lovely to be able to hear that bbbrrrrraaaàhhhhhh of the v8 accelerating without that crunch of the rear axle giving in. Please ashcroft make the front shafts available too! I would love to be able to fit some with cv joints instead of uj's.

Jamie Fairchild :: Nov 27 2016, 20:21 PM

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