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The R380 gearbox was introduced in approx 1995 with the suffix J and has now evolved to the suffix L and this has been used until the end of the Disco 2's and until 2007 in the Defender when the 2.4 TDCi engine was introduced which uses the MT82.

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Video of a R380 being built.

Video to show where to find the serial number on a R380


Heavy Duty Rear Support Bearings

One of the common failure modes of the R380 is premature wear of one or both of the rear support bearings in the rear 5th speed aluminium housing, this starts as a whirring in all gears but not so bad in 4th, then as the bearings wear it allows the 5th gear on the layshaft and 5th gear on the mainshaft to come a little out of mesh, then 5th also gets noisy and often results in the teeth coming of one or both of the 5th gears, after much design work we are now able to offer to upgrade these two bearings.

The Layshaft rear support bearing is FTC2385, this is made by RHP and has a dynamic load rating of 27Kn, we replace this with a larger bearing of equivalent quality which has a dynamic load rating of 35.5Kn, this is a 31% increase. See below a comparison photo of stock vs our HD one.

The Mainshaft rear support bearing is FTC3371, this is made by RHP and has a dynamic load rating of 27.4Kn, we replace this with a larger bearing of equivalent quality which has a dynamic load rating of 44Kn, this is a 60% increase. See below a comparison photo of stock vs our HD one.

This upgrade would be advised for any hard working R380 such as heavy/tuned TD5 vehicles, ie overlanders or tow vehicles,

The cost of this upgrade is an additional £160 ontop of the R380 rebuilt unit. If you would like your R 380 fitted with these bearings pls request 'HD rear support bearings' when ordering.


R380 5th gear ratio

All TDi and TD5 R380 5th gear ratios are 0.77; the V8 ratio is 0.732 which is approx 5% higher.  We are able to fit these higher ratio 5th gears to the TDi and TD5 boxes for an additional £130 if required. If you want to run these numbers on the ratio calculator, please select the type 69A R 380 option but this is for the 5th gear ratios only, all other gears will remain the same. An example of when this option would be good is if you have a stock TD5 Defender which does some heavy towing, you might not want the 1.2 ratio gears in the transfer case as this would raise 1st too much and it may struggle to pull away but you want 5th a bit higher, or you have a tuned TD5 Disco / Defender and feel it can pull higher gearing but the 1.003 ratio is too high.



Different types of R 380

The manual boxes can be categorised as "Long Stick" as fitted to the Defender and "Short Stick" as fitted to the Disco.

If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a longstick : 50A, 51A, 56A, 58A, 60A, 61A, 66A, 68A, 74A

If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a shortstick : 53A, 55A, 63A, 67A, 69A, 73A

The longstick boxes come with the top casting that the gearlever and turret bolt to but you will need to remove the following from the old unit : the bellhousing and dowels, transfer case dowels, gearlever and turret and diff lock pivot bolt if fitted.

The shortstick boxes come with remote top assembly but you will need to swap over the bellhousing & dowels, transfer case dowels, extension gearstick and diff lock pivot bolt.

The only exception to the above is the 64A and 65A, these come less bellhousing and less remote shifter.


If desired we can rebuild your own unit. 

If you are sending your unit to us for rebuild please see the video below "what each type of unit comes with" before sending your unit/(s) to us. The unit/(s) you are sending in should be sent in like this.  If sending both a gearbox and transfer box the units should also be seperated before shipment. We reserve the right to charge up to an additional £30,  plus vat if applicable, for units that are not sent in like this.  


Videos to show what each type of R380 comes with.


Long Stick Short Stick P38 Range Rover






In order to calculate your shipping costs you will need to put the items in your shopping basket and confirm your delivery address. Once you have entered these details a shipping quote will be generated. Please do not proceed to the payment stage unless you are ready to order.

Sorry we are not able to collect old units from customers outside of the UK.



Product Code: R380

Installation Information » (Click to Expand Collapse)

Bias Adjustment

It is important to check the bias adjustment particularly on the defender boxes if a "notchy" selection on 3rd or 4th is a problem.

The bias plate and springs are pre set on the (short stick) Disco and Range Rover boxes, so should need little or no attention, but if there is a problem selecting 3 or 4 it is possible to move the spring location plate which is held down by the 4 x M8 bolts under the top dust cover.

The"long stick" boxes, Defender and early Range Rover, come without the "turret" assembly. Always check the turret is in good condition ie locates in the socket and feel firm. The 3 and 4 selection is by two "bias" adjustment springs located one each side of the turret under the rubber boot. Pull the boot back and if necessary adjust the two M6 screws under the springs, the lever should self center in the 3 - 4 position.

Other causes of poor selection are "dragging clutch" and "tight spigot", both of these problems will show on the R 380 by tight gear selection in all gears.

Technical Information / FAQ's » (Click to Expand Collapse)


R380 Development

The R380 was introduced in 1994 with the suffix J which was a significant improvement on the LT 77 it supercedes> Differences included a steel oil pump (as opposed to the LT 77 fibre one), an additional 2 support bearing, used on the layshaft and the mainshaft, wider gears, bigger diameter synchro rings, synchromesh on reverse and a longer mainshaft spline.

This suffix J did unfortunately have a couple of design flaws which gave the R380 some bad press, they were prone to the mainshaft shearing across the oil feed holes, the layshaft also sheared at a stress concentration behind the sandwich plate causing loss of 5th and reverse also early ones still suffered from mainshaft wear until the cross drilled transfer case gears became fitted as standard on the suffix G transfer cases.

In 1999 the suffix K was used very briefly for a few months then came the suffix L. The K and L are virtually identical, the only difference I have found is the L outer main casing has an additional strengthening rib, internals are the same. The J and K/L are very different, 2 of the bearings were substantially uprated and pinion and layshaft teeth were widened again, this results in a much stronger unit.


It is not abnormal for the R380 to run quite hot and this often results on either baulking or sticky shifts which can often be improved by either an oil additive or different oil.

If you feel your unit is running too hot then bear in mind Landrover make for 2 main markets, Europe and Rest of World (ROW), the ROW spec TD5 Defender and Disco gearboxes are oil cooled but Europe spec are not, there is some debate as to whether they should be, especially if you live in south Spain or Italy Etc.

The temperature the box runs at will have an effect on it's lifespan, please have a look in the misc section for details of the 'Oil Cooler Kit'

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Average Rating: 5

R380 Manuel with HD bearing

I Crashed my origin LR gearbox in my LR Defender td5. I,m Hunter woodworker and tows ofen very heavy Trailer in really Bad street conditions for over 350.000 km! So I ordered at ashcroft a new one with HD bearing. I build in, it works really good. You can't hear it, every Gear goes presicionly his way, better than new!! Really good communication with the ashcroft disposit, fast Delivery to Germany. Really good. Should this gearbox Break down, I think I will change to the Automatic Kit . Nice greatings from Bavaria and very much thanks to ashcroft

Klaus Herrmann :: Sep 08 2021, 11:35 AM

R380 gearbox

I have recently taken delivery of an R380 gearbox and fitted it a few days ago. My old one, after 140,000 miles had become very noisy, especially on the overrun, such that I was unwilling to trust it on long journeys. I selected the heavy duty bearings and raised 5th gear ratio for my new box. So far everything is going well with 300m miles completed, includign a great many junctions and traffic lights so lots of opportunities to go up and down through the box. Compared to the old one, the gearchange is a little tight and notchy, but that's because everything is very new. It has freed up somewhat as I've been running it in - either that or I'm getting used to it! The higher 5th gear is a good motorway ratio, giving flexibility but without overly high revs in the 60-80 mph range, so filtering into faster moving streams of traffic for overtaking or joining carriageways is effortless. As I've only done a few hundred miles, I can't comment on longevity yet, but I hope to be able to live with it for another 140,000 miles. I'm still deciding whether to return the old unit and claim the core charge back or buy an overhaul kit and repair it so as to have a spare.

John Brown :: Feb 23 2021, 11:29 AM

Rebullt Ashcroft Gearbox for my 1999 D2 TD5

The 1st/2nd gear syncromesh on my 1999 Discovery TD5 failed early this year(2020)at 156k miles. MiD Engineering of Wantage organised and fitted an Ashcroft rebuilt unit with heavy duty rear support bearings and the higher ratio 5th Gear. They also activated the manual difflock. The higher 5th gear transforms motorway driving, its quieter, the engine is less 'busy' and mpg is a bit better too.I thought there might be a 4th to 5th gear 'flatspot' although the engine has been tweaked but its not noticeable. Thank you Ashcroft.

Simon J :: Aug 14 2020, 13:29 PM

New R380 for my Defender

I have bought a rebuilt R380 gearbox to replace the old noisy unit in my 1995 Defender 110. Placement of the order and communication with the Ashcroft customer service was a pleasure - very professional staff. International shipment went flawlessly. The resent exchange unit was reimbursed immediately. Now my old Defender drives like a new truck thanks to the gearbox from Ashcroft!!! All in all I wholeheartedly recommend Ashcroft Transmissions as a source of high quality Land Rover parts!

Jaroslaw Bis :: May 20 2020, 18:54 PM

New R 380 gearbox

Hi Julie, Just got home from collecting my Landrover & I have to say what a first class job ! well done. The gearbox is quiet & the gear change is like new unlike the last replacement I had from a main dealer ( xxxxxx'x Landrover xxxxx xxxx ) which was very noisy right from the start & the gear change 'sloppy' & when I complained I was told ' thats the best we can get it ' + it lasted only 52,000 miles ! You did a great job at a fair price, thank you. Best regards Murray

Admin @ Ashcrofts :: Jan 29 2014, 13:27 PM

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