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We are also able to supply Quaifes version of the Automatic Torque Biasing Helical LSD differential, this is an after-market differential that provides smooth, constant traction for racing or slippery road conditions.

Suitable as an ideal replacement for any front, rear or four wheel drive application, this ATB Helical LSD differential has the added benefit of no adverse effect on the steering of a front wheel drive vehicle. Quaife ATB Helical LSD differentials have been used in a wide array of applications, from Formula 1 cars to emergency and public utility vehicles, where all weather mobility is essential, and where the product must perform in the most demanding of conditions.

The characteristics of the differential are that it progressively locks as torque increases; there are no plates or clutches to wear out, unlike the more conventional limited-slip designs.

Quaife Engineering also offer their ATB Helical LSD differential with a limited lifetime warranty [see terms and conditions supplied with the product], as a demonstration of the quality of the product.

The decision whether to fit an ATB (automatic torque bias) or a Limited Slip differential may be assisted with some further info on the "function" of the two types.

The ATB supplied by Quaife and Ashcroft have 6 planet gears on each side but the Truetrac only has 3 on each side.

The diff is fitted with sets of "helical" gears sitting in pockets within the diff, the helical gears are unsupported so as they work together they generate friction against the sides of the pockets, the amount of friction is determined by the helix angle and preload on the gearset. In a situation where one wheel has less grip than the other there is a tendancy for this wheel to spin. Due to the friction within the internal gearset and the configuration of the gears the wheel which has retained grip can still drive "but" the torque transmitted to the "driver" will be proportional to the torque transmitted by the "slipper" this is the ATB effect and can be up to 2:1 ratio.

The only down side is if the "spinner" has no grip ie torque transmitted is zero the ATB will effectively multiply this by 2 giving zero. If the car has some form of traction control there will always be torque applied to the "spinner" i.e by traction control which is then enhanced by the ATB giving double the torque to the "driver" . We stock the Quaife Diff to fit the Rover type 24 spline diff.

Note : Due to the nature of the ATB diff we do not recommend the vehicle is brake tested on rollers, ask for a decelerometer to be used instead.

Please click here if you would like a price for a complete diff assembly with a Quaife fitted.

Sorry, not available for 10 spline rover axles or Salisbury axles.

We can fit new journal bearings to the centre for you for £20 per pair. Please add this option if required.

Fitting Options

If you bring or send us your diff we are able to install the Quaife centre centre for £75 per diff.   If the fitting is to a P38 diff then there will be an additional £32 for the P38 Spacer Ring required to fit.

In some incidences there may be additional parts required and these will be charged in addition to the costs above.

If you would like to bring your Defender to one of our fitting stations and have the diff removed from the vehicle, the Quaife fitted, as above we are able to do this. Costs for this are £175 for the front diff and £150 for the rear.  If both front and rear are being done together then you can deduct £50 in total from these charges.  Note these fitting charges are in addition to the costs to fit the Quaife centre to the diff itself.  

Note these costs assume you already have a 24 spline axle.  If you are upgrading from a 10 to 24 spline set up you will require additional parts and these prices will be incorrect.  Please contact us for further details if you are looking to upgrade the axle.

We can do one diff in one day but if both front and rear are required then we may require your vehicle for up to two days.  A courtesy car is available, free of charge, whilst the work is being done.

All the above prices exclude VAT.


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The Ultimate Differential - More Traction, More Speed As engine power outputs increase ever further, the ability to use this extra performance becomes more important. Wheelspin may look spectacular, but such loss of traction from either a standing start or exiting a bend wastes time, whether driving on the road, circuit, rally stage or drag strip. Fortunately, QUAIFE's patented Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) Helical Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is an effective, well-proven, low-cost solution. As a direct replacement for the standard, factory-fitted 'open' differential, QUAIFE's ATB helical LSD unit can transform the performance of any vehicle. Unlike a conventional plate-type limited slip unit, QUAIFE's ATB Helical LSD unit relies on gears rather than clutch plates for its operation. That means it is much smoother in operation because, unlike a conventional plate-type LSD, it never locks harshly with a set pre-load of wheel slip across the driven axle. Rather, it automatically biases the torque away from the spinning wheel across the axle, to a constantly varying degree. Sets of floating helical gear pinions mesh to provide the normal-speed differential action. In the event of wheel slip, torque bias is generated by the axial and radial thrusts of the pinions in their pockets. The resultant friction forces enable the differential to transmit a greater proportion of the torque to the appropriate wheel. The effect is progressive and at no stage does the differential lock solid, hence the inherent safety and user-friendliness of the QUAIFE ATB Helical LSD unit. Reliability is total, making the QUAIFE ATB Helical LSD unit a true 'fit and forget' solution. The ATB units are designed using the latest CAD techniques and CNC machined to ultra-tight tolerances from high quality Corus steel billets. The completed units are then subjected to rigorous in-house inspection with 3D coordinate measuring machines before being dispatched to the customer. Such quality means that, unlike a conventional plate-type LSD, the QUAIFE ATB Helical LSD unit requires no special maintenance or rebuilds, is long-lasting, and retains the standard method of lubrication, making for an easy, pain-free upgrade. Proven in rallying, racing and on the road, the QUAIFE ATB Helical LSD differential offers safe, reliable, winning performance - everything you would expect from a QUAIFE product.  

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