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P38/Wolfe ARB


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ARB, Manual locking diff

Where an application requires that the diff must be able to act as an "open" diff and a fully locked effect, the only solution is to fit a manual locking diff under the control of the driver.

These diffs need additional external parts, compressor/pipes/ solenoids, etc. and need to be plumed in carefully if damage to these ancillary parts is to be avoided. We supply the ARB air locker, which has been proved, over a number of years, to be a reliable option.

We sell a lot of ARB air lockers and they are well reputed. The older 24 spline version was the RD57, this was OK but had occasional problems with the plastic cage inside failing. This has now been superseeded by the RD138 which internally is a much better as this plastic cage is no longer used making it a stronger unit.

Spare Parts

We stock spares for the ARB, to find the part number of the parts you need click here and go to "ARB Lockers" then "Parts and Service" and click on the model you have to find exploded diagrams.

Product Code: ARB - P38

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