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1/8 BSP 90 Deg 5mm Push Fit Elbow


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We are getting asked if the Ashcroft locker solenoids (ASH-AL-31) can be used in place of the ARB ones, yes, no problem but you will have to cut the connector off the end of the ARB loom and fit 2 female spade connectors and fit these to the 2 terminale on the Ashcroft solenoid that are parallel to eachother, do not use the other one.

Other notes :

to fit the solenoid to the air compressor you will need a 1/8 BSP M/M nipple if you don't already have one (ASH-AL-38)

the ARB air hose is 5mm diameter and to fit this hose to the solenoid you will need this product (1/8 BSP 90 Deg 5mm Push Fit Elbow)

if you don't have the ARB 5mm hose you can use our 6mm hose (ASH-AL-36) but this will not fit the ARB bulkhead fitting kit so you will also need 2 x small O rings (ASH-AL-35), push fit elbow (ASH-AL-33) and the adapter (ASH-AL-34), technically this thread on the adapter is a slightly different pitch to the ARB thread but you will be hard pushed to tell the difference and as it's a tapered thread we have found it seals fine.



Product Code: 01/01/89

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