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This model is to suit the "Rover" type 24 spline differential fitted to the Discovery I, Discovery II, Range Rover Classic, 90 front and rear &  the 110 front only. We can supply the Ashcroft Locker on its own for you to install or we can build them into diff casings for you. Whatever spec you require, whether it be diff "pegging", or with standard 3.54 ratio or our uprated heavy duty ring and pinions, we can build them to your needs. If you would like a complete diff, please see here

Note we only supply 24 spline, these are not available in 10 spline.

The Locker includes a new pair of Timken journal bearings.

Please note that you will need to drill and tap a hole in the diff housing for the air feed pipe to pass through. We are able to supply the drill and tap should you require.

Note we can fit the locker to your diff assumings its in good running condition at £ 95 + VAT.

We are able to offer a complete spare parts listing. Please see the exploded diagram below to help identify which parts you may require.

Please note if you opt to have a turned locker then there may be a small delay in dispatch of your order


Spare parts are listed in our product codes ASH-AL01 to ASH-AL-42 - if ordering no 9 please use code ASH-AL-24.


Diff Pegging   This is an option for those customers who are fitting their Locker to a pegged diff.  It is not an adviseable option if the Locker is being fitted to a standard diff.   If you are pegging the diff the outside diameter must be reduced to clear the pegging pad.  If you do this op and then fit to a standard, non pegged diff, the Locker will be weaker .  For more information on pegged diffs please see here


Fitting Options

If you bring or send us your diff we are able to install the Ashcroft Locking  centre centre for £95 per diff.  

In some incidences there may be additional parts required and these will be charged in addition to the costs above.

Note these costs assume you already have a 24 spline axle.  If you are upgrading from a 10 to 24 spline set up you will require additional parts and these prices will be incorrect.  Please contact us for further details if you are looking to upgrade the axle.



SHIPPING COSTS  In order to calculate your shipping costs you will need to put the items in your shopping basket and confirm your delivery address. Once you have entered these details a shipping quote will be generated. Please do not proceed to the payment stage unless you are ready to order.


User Guide

The locker can be engaged in theory at anytime that you have zero wheel speed difference, ie at a standstill or driving in a straight line but we would advise only locking below 20 mph due to handling considerations. Do not lock when you have a high difference in wheel speed ie when stuck and wheelspinning. When engaged you can expect it to lock in under 2 seconds, unlocking may take 3-5 seconds depending if the lockring is undertension due to 'wind up'. Beware of crossing side slopes with the locker engaged as this may encourage the rear to swing downhill.



Product Code: Ashcroft Locker

Installation Information » (Click to Expand Collapse)


We have separated our installation guide into four main categories.


1) Installing your locker into the differential,

Remove the stock diff centre but be sure to mark the bearing caps so they are refitted on the correct side, Drill and tap the diff housing ¼ BSP here :



Fit the crown wheel to the new centre, install locker and set preload and backlash as per factory specs. There are two lengths of Journal end cap bolts used, 50mm for the non dowelled cap and 60mm for the dowelled cap, select the bolt 5mm longer than stock to fit the cylinder locking tab so that the tab stops the cylinder rotating, see below.


2) Installing the Air Lines

The solenoid is marked as shown and should be fitted as follows:-


P = Air Compressor

R = Exhaust

A = Diff (blue pipe)


Once the air compressor is mounted remove the nut and coil from the solonoid and fit to the air compressor with the 1/8 BSP M/M nipple, see photo below, it must be this way round:



Fit the 1/8 tapered 90 deg push fit elbow to the other port. Refit the coil:



Fit the brass 1/8 parallel 90 deg elbow compression fitting to the locker cylinder and fit the copper pipe to this fitting, pass the other end through the tapped hole in the diff housing. We would suggest fitting the pipe like this to allow some flex in the pipe :



Once the copper pipe is through the taped hole, fit the brass adapter nut from the outside and mark the pipe flush with the brass nut, remove nut and cut pipe, refit nut, fit the small O ring, fit 1/8 parallel 90 deg push fit elbow.

Fit air line between this push fit connector and the one on the solenoid.


3) Installing the switches and electrical connections


Rear switch

Pin 8, dash illumination, on ARB loom is blue/white (shows red bar when side light on)

Pin 7, ground, on ARB loom use black (either one)

Pin 2, feed, on ARB loom use red

Pin 3, to rear solenoid, on ARB loom use yellow


Front switch

Pin 8, dash illumination, on ARB loom is blue/white (shows red bar when side lights on)

Pin 7, ground, on ARB loom use black (either one)

Pin 2, feed, on ARB loom use yellow

Pin 3, to front solenoid, on ARB loom use green


Connecting to the solenoids

The connector on the ARB compressor loom cannot be used so please snip this off and crimp on the 2 spade connectors supplied with the locker, connect these 2 spades to the 2 parallel pins on the solenoid.


4) Final testing


Handbrake off, Centre diff unlocked, mainbox in neutral, Jack up one wheel, the wheel should spin freely, Switch the air compressor on, allow it to run up to pressure, Select the locker whilst spinning the wheel and it should stop dead.

Switch the locker off and the wheel should spin freely again.

Please note if you are using your own air compressor we would suggest using between 70-100 Psi,


Torque Settings:

Crown Wheel Bolts: 58 Nm

Bearing Caps: 90 Nm

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Epic lockers

I installed my Ashcroft lockers around 10 years ago. Having covered over 100k miles on mine I must say these are very robust. They have got me unstuck from countless situations over the years and I have never had a single issue. I have both front and rear lockers and it’s very comforting knowing that these units are ready and waiting when needed. Dependable, robust, top quality parts. If my truck ever gives up my Ashcroft lockers are coming with me!

Richard W :: Feb 11 2020, 20:20 PM

Everything Right

I order this diff from Spain an I received the package in a few days. All pieces were in perfect conditions and with an excellent finish. I definitely recomend this product.

Alejandro Martí :: Sep 10 2019, 06:43 AM

New Air Locker

When I received my Ashcroft 24 Spline air locker I was immediately impressed, the build quality looked fantastic, along with the packaging. The crown wheel and air input were protected well. I found the instructions very useful and clear, especially when it came to wiring the compressor solenoids in. once installed; I tested the locker as described in the instructions, and checked for air leaks. After a few miles on the road I tested it off road. And needless to say, I was amazed what a difference the Ashcroft air locker made. I am so pleased with the product and the service from the Ashcroft team, always willing to help you. After reading reviews of other lockers on the market, it was a no brainer to choose the Ashcroft locker, as it has taken a well-known locker, and improved on the weakness. They have one more happy customer. Many Thanks Jack Young

Admin @ Ashcrofts :: Jan 31 2014, 10:26 AM

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