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M57 BMW Engine to ZF Kit


Product Information

If you either have a tuned 2.5 P38 or want to fit a M57 to the ZF4HP22 then the only real option you have is to use the P38 diesel ZF bell housing and associated torque converter, this is the smallest of the 3 diameters of converter used by landrover and when this is used on a high torque engine such as this it results in high revs and lots of heat, you will often rev straight past the early torque the M57 produces.

We have now made a kit which allows you to fit the V8 bell housing to this engine block, by using the V8 bell housing you can now fit either the medium diameter P38, 4.0 V8 converter or the large diameter GEMS 4.6 P38 converter depending or the state of tune of the engine.

The kit consists of :

1 x       20mm thick aluminium adapter plate

1 x       HD flexplate

2 x       spacer rings

1 x       crank boss, note the thickness differs depending on which converter you are using

8 x       crank bolts, note the lengths differ depending on which converter you are using

4 x       converter bolts


Product Code: M57BMW

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the sequence to fit to the crank is as follows :

starter ring gear

spacer ring



spacer ring

8 x bolts


Technical Information / FAQ's » (Click to Expand Collapse)

You will need to use the starter ring gear from the L322 / BMW X5 diesel like THIS , otherwise you can’t fit the flex plate bolts.

If using the P38, 4.0 medium diameter converter you can use either the 4HP22 or the 4HP24.

If using the P38, GEMS 4.6 large diameter converter you must use the 4HP24.

The 20mm adapter plate and the V8 autobox work out the same length as the P38 diesel box so no changes to propshafts or mounts are required.

We can supply any combination of hydraulic or electronic 4HP22 or 24 to suit your vehicle, if electronic and not in a P38 you can control it with a Compushift


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