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Please note the current lead time for the supply of a gearbox is around 5-7 working days.  Whilst we aim to hold stock of units, due to high demand, this is not possible at the present time.

Once your order is placed you will be notified of your build date. Our current lead times are displayed on our home page



This covers the two types of LT85 as used in the V8 90 and 110 Defenders. Note V8 only, not PS10 4 Cyl.

We can supply both the Solid Case and Split Case Santana. Units are not supplied with a bellhousing, but can be on request.

To see an explanation of our core deposit please click here


If desired we can rebuild your own unit. 

If you are sending your unit to us for rebuild please see the video below "what each type of LT85 comes with" before sending your unit/(s) to us. The unit/(s) you are sending in should be sent in like this.  If sending both a gearbox and transfer box the units should also be seperated before shipment. We reserve the right to charge up to an additional £30,  plus vat if applicable, for units that are not sent in like this.




Video of a LT 85 being built.


Videos to show what each type of LT 85 comes with.


Video to show where to find the LT 85 serial number.


In order to calculate your shipping costs you will need to put the items in your shopping basket and confirm your delivery address. Once you have entered these details a shipping quote will be generated. Please do not proceed to the payment stage unless you are ready to order.

 Sorry we are unable to collect from customers outside of the UK.

Product Code: LT 85

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Whilst the LT85 is renown as a very strong gearbox, they are prone to two problems; premature wear of the 1-2 selector fork and premature wear in the 5 main bearings, this is due to the fact that the LT85 has helical gears which produce end thrust but the bearings are all ball bearings as opposed to taper roller bearings.

Some customers upgrade to the R 380 instead of fitting another LT85.  The suffix L R380 is similar in strength but is smoother to use and should last longer. A different diff lock linkage and hi/lo casting is required also you will need to trim a small section out of the seatbox but nothing too drastic.

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