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Red Lubegard


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Product Information

10 fl.oz (296 ml) bottle of Red Lubegard which helps maximise performance, improve shift, eliminate overheating, reduce wear and extend transmission life.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Amazing stuff

Been using Red Lubegard now for 7 years and have to say it really is amazing. I was recommended it by a friend who rebuilds automatic transmissions for a living. When I first put it in the gearbox of my old Land Cruiser it totally transformed the gear shifts, they were much smoother. It also helps keep down the heat in the gearbox which as we all know is a big killer. I now add a bottle every time I do a transmission fluid change.

Paul G :: Jun 17 2017, 10:14 AM

Red Lubegard

After a disastrous rebuild on my autobox by a local company, and their equally terrible warranty work, I purchased some Red Lubegard through the Ashcroft Transmissions site and the result's were amazing. I am now going to buy some more for my wife's car, and will now continue to use every time I service my box from now on. I don't normally believe all the 'hype' about most advertised additives, but this really is up there along with Slick 50 for result's! If anyone has any doubt's about it, they are welcome to contact me for answers. Coops.

Cooper Atkinson :: Jan 12 2014, 12:39 PM

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