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My Defender MT82 6 speed gearbox is stuck in 1st gear,

this is common on these boxes and is just caused by the selector rail jumping into gear when the vehicle is jolted for any reason, once in gear, the shift interlock plate wont allow it to be pulled out.

the gearbox consists of 3 casings, the front main casing is about 18 inches long and the rear 2 are about 7 inches long, look at the middle casing, top face, towards the rear, on the left side as you sit in the car, look for a vertical approx 10mm diameter detent plug, the earlier silver ones had a mushroom shaped head, the later black ones are flush fitted. Remove this plug, if the later one, drill a hole and use a big self tapping screw and slide hammer.

Once out, you can now use a small screw driver to slide the selector rail one notch towards the front of the vehicle, this should put it back into neutral,

the later detents can be fitted in place of the early ones and have a stronger spring to reduce the liklyhood of this problem occuring Note the part number for the later type detent kit is LR017294.

Product Code: MT 6WU5S84

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Dropped Aschrofts a line today as found vehicle stuck in gear, they couldnt of been more helpful, talked me through what to do and part on its way, brilliant service, thank you Ashcrofts.

James Trembath :: Mar 17 2021, 20:10 PM

Stuck in 1st in greece

Phone for help dave put my mind at rest and sent me the part saved my life landrover said I would need a new gear dave said bs big thanks dave made it home from greece

stephen mean :: Dec 06 2016, 10:36 AM

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