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The manual gearboxes that we supply are the LT 77, the R 380, the LT 85 (“Santana”) and the MT82 6 speed TDCi gearbox. We do not supply the earlier Series landrover 4 speed gearboxes.

How we rebuild them:

When we rebuild a box, the unit is stripped down, washed in both Safety Kleen and hot wash tanks then the casings are shot blasted with glass bead, then painted. Once “Prepped” the stripped unit is sent to the build area in a plastic tub.

The boxes have a fixed set of new parts including bearings, baulk rings, gaskets and seals, approx 95% have a new mainshaft due to the spline wear they suffer from. Once the parts are picked the first step in the build process is to lay the parts out on the bench for inspection, the gears and shafts are closely inspected paying particular attention to the condition of the dog teeth and the wear pattern on the gear teeth. If they pass inspection they are used again, if not they go in the scrap, we cannot pretend we change every part or we would not be in this business very long but to give you an idea we change approx 40% of pinions, 50% of layshafts and about 60% of reverse and 5th gears.

Once rebuilt, they are then tested. Please see video below of the testing process, we dunk the gearbox in water to check for air bubbles as this could mean a leak.

Once built, the unit is stamped with a number and a spec sheet filled out giving us info on the unit specification, who built it, when it was built and exactly what parts were fitted.

How to order

Should you wish to place an order for a unit you will need to first identify the serial number of the unit you want to replace using the videos to show where to find this number in the relevant section, you can then either use our online order form, phone, fax or email us with your name, phone number, delivery address, what it is that you would like to order and payment details (please don’t email credit card details, use our secure online order form). Once the order is received we will contact you to confirm your delivery date.

When we send a unit out, we charge a core deposit which is refunded upon receipt of the old unit assuming it is the same type as supplied and must be complete and not stripped with an intact casing, these core charges vary depending on the type supplied as detailed in the relevant section.

Identifying your Unit

There are three types of 5 speed mainbox, LT77, R380 and LT85 (Santana). The following questions will help identify which type of box you have.

1) Is reverse underneath 5th gear?

If yes, you have an R380. Please go to the R 380 section to see a video of where to find the serial number.

If no go to question 2.

2) Is reverse gear next to 1st gear?

If yes, you either have an LT77 or LT85. Question 3 will identify which one.

3) Is the maincasting black or aluminium?

If black you have an LT77, Please go to the LT 77 section to see a video of where to find the serial number.

If aluminium, you have a LT85, Santana box. Please go to the LT 85 section to see a video of where to find the serial number.

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