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Chris Rollinson in USA


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Chris Rollinson in USA 

97 Discovery, 5 speed manual, recently converted from 4.0L V8 to 2.8 TGV Diesel, economy up from 17 to 30 MPG. Safari Gard springs, Bilsein remote shocks, 265/75x16 tyres, home made skid plates, 2.5 inch straight through SS exhaust. build in 30 watt solar panel, 130 ah AGM battery and shelving system replacing rear seats for camping. Ashcroft 1:1.003 Transfer case gives true overdrive 5 th gear, relaxed 60 MPH cruising at 1800 RPM with a little torque in reserve. The "Silver Brick" is real SUV, 2,000 miles to Utah in reasonable comfort then a competent Off-roader on the Moab Trails.

Product Code: CHRX46

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