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Knud from Germany


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Knud from Germany 

My 1988 Land Rover 90, 3,5 V8 PickUp

-Edelbrock # 1404 Carburetor (Weber) -Malory distributor with double contact -Sports Exhaust system of RimmerBros, transferbox 1:1667, Ashcroft Hand-brake as a brake disc, X-eng
Airlock-ARB front and rear, -half shafts (everything 24er gear), Ashcroft CV-joint Ashcroft Disco-and rear axle with disc brakes Safety Device Rollcage tested 2.12.2006 Challenge Wings Warn 8274 forward, operating inside, Warn 8274 rear, rope backwards or above, operating inside 285/85, Silverstone MT 117

Product Code: KNU146

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