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Speedo Correction Kit


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The TD5 and 2.4 and 2.2 TDCi Defenders have a green 3 wire transducer fitted behind the handbrake backplate to the speedo drive gear.

This generates a pulse which is sent to the dash clocks to show the vehicle speed.

if you fit different size tyres or different ratio ring and pinions in the diffs then this speed displayed may well be inaccurate.

This small device is very easy to install and program and allows you to adjust the output pulse both up and down which means the dash clocks see the correct pulse and thus show the correct speed.

Once installed as per the notes below you will need to program the unit, just stick a sat nav on the windscreen to get a true vehicle speed then follow the notes in the booklet that comes with it.



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These are very easy to fit,

remove the centre seat cover and look for the small 3 wire loom coming from the speedo drive transducer, this loom joins a fat loom at the top of the transfer case,

We would suggest fitting the controller under the RH seat and running the 4 wire loom alongside the fat loom to the top of the transfer case then join the 4 wires to the 3 wires before they enter the big loom as follows :

Join the Red wire to the White/Green

Join the Black wire to Black wire

cut the Black/Red and join the transducer side to the White

join the other side of the Black/Red to the Green wire,


note the colours of the genuine 3 wires above are from our 2007 2.4 TDCi defender, if yours vary, there are 3 symbols marked inside the plug on the green transducer,

+ = White/Green

- = Black

A = Black/Red




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Speedohealer for Cruise Control

Very easy to install! I fitted the speedohealer so I can use the factory cruise control with my overdrive (roamerdrive). To do this the unit must be fitted between the speedo and the ECU so it does not effect the speedo reading. Cheers, Paul.

Paul :: May 13 2014, 00:39 AM

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