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I have attached a slightly dodgy photo of the car.

It is an '82 model, alloy body.  Fitted is a later model Rover V8, bored & stroked to 5l, forged pistons, race heads.  It used to be on Strombergs but now it is on a ported Vitesse set up, run by a Haltech.  It makes a genuine 220kW at the wheels, so it is lively with 850kg to lug around.  The rear axle has been left looking standard but has been gutted and replaced by a Holden V8 lsd and cwp, with forged axles.  Other standard Morgan mods have been done: Panhard rod, tramp bars, lowered springs, big front brakes from HiSpec, alloy radiator and oil cooler.


It also has a lovely R380 Quaife straight cut gearbox!  


It sounds just like the local "V8 supercars" race cars, with the gearbox whine and the deep exhaust through straight through mufflers

Product Code: TERVLT5S77

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