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High Ratio Gear Set


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For the Ser IIA & III we can offer a high ratio transfer case gear set. This gear set was developed as a stronger alternative to the Series "overdrive." By using the High Ratio conversion the High range is raised by 31.8% (overdrive is 27.5%) whilst leaving Low range unchanged. This suits most users who like a higher gear for on road economy, retaining the stock low range for off road use. Other advantages of this conversion, compared with fitting 3.54 diffs, are:- the speedo. drive will not need re-calibrating, there is no loss of handbrake efficiency and most importantly there is no loss of strength. . Please note this kit cannot be used as well as an Overdrive but you can still use the rear PTO.

In order to fit this kit you will need to modify your existing transfer box casing in order to accept these gears and also machine 2 new bushes, alternatively we can supply the pair of bushes here. Full instructions on how to make this modification are available in the technical section.

Please note that we cannot be responsible for any noise issues that may arise caused by the incorrect machining of your casing.

Sorry but we are not able to offer a fitting service on this kit,



Product Code: High Ratio Gear Set

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Please click here for Casing modification instructions.

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Average Rating: 5

The best option

To me, this is the best high range upgrade for a series land rover. The Fairey overdrive is a decent unit, and I used one for 20 years, but the noise is AWFUL and towing causes them to overheat. Also, in order to raise the ratio, it transfers power outside the gearbox and then back in, so it has a TON of gear lash, slopping to and fro constantly. This gear set eliminates all the pitfalls of the o/d units. It is affordable, QUIET, strong, well built, and after a quick trip to the machine shop, no more difficult to install than factory gears.

Ben Beckendorf :: Sep 21 2020, 12:38 PM

Motorway speed

Having a need to rebuild my gearbox and transfer box after abfailure, purchased the high ratio gear set and modified the transfer casing to fit it. The higher gear ratios have transformed the driving experience, now able to hold 60mph and rise to 70mph on the flat means my series vehicle can operate at Motorway speeds. Town driving is easier too, with first high in a sensible place for pulling away and much lower revs around town. Off road, low range is entirely unaffected and is as awesome as it always was. Expensive if you have to pay a mechanic to fit, but well worth the price/effort.

Paul Hughes :: Apr 23 2019, 21:56 PM

Excellent product!

Bought the gear kit as the full kit was sold out. Ashcrofts kindly drilled my own transfer case (at cost). The modified case was excellent and the gear kit easy to assemble. A huge improvement on the Fairey overdrive, my Series 3 feels like it's been given a new lease of life, but above all the gearboxes are now so quiet as to barely be heard! Highly recommend - a modern, cost effective, high quality and robust upgrade to any Series. Makes the vehicle cope much easier with modern traffic.

Rachel Trollope :: Aug 14 2016, 12:27 PM

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