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Product Information

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There are many different types of LT230 transfer cases used across the landrover range. Prices assume a serviceable exchange unit (if the exchange unit is deemed unserviceable a surcharge will apply).

The core cost is the cost to be added to the exchange cost if the transmission is purchased on an outright sale.

Exchange Prices (excluding core deposit):


  • 0.90 ratio                           £1,145   please see here for more details on this bespoke ratio
  • 1.003 ratio                         £   545  
  • 1.1 ratio                             £   620   please see here for more details on this bespoke ratio
  • 1.211/22 ratio                    £   495
  • 1.3 ratio                             £   620   please see here for more details on this bespoke ratio
  • 1.410 ratio                         £   495
  • 1.667 ratios                       £   595




We are able to supply alternative ratios, sometimes with no increase in cost. A popular ratio change for the Defender is to change from the stock 1.4 to 1.2 which will raise the gearing in a Td5 90/110 or a Defender Tdi by 15%. For more info on this conversion see here

To see an explanation of our core deposit please click here


These prices assume like for like ratio's, if you are altering your ratio additional charges may apply.


If desired we can rebuild your own unit. 

If you are sending your unit to us for rebuild please see the video below "what the rebuilt LT230 comes with" before sending your unit/(s) to us. The unit/(s) you are sending in should be sent in like this.  If sending both a gearbox and transfer box the units should also be seperated before shipment. We reserve the right to charge up to an additional £30,  plus vat if applicable, for units that are not sent in like this.


Video of an LT 230 being built.

Video to show what the rebuilt LT230 comes with.

Video to show where to find the serial number on an LT230.

The serial number will be stamped in one of 2 possible places, either on the bottom left of the main casing or on the earlier vehicles right at the bottom of the left hand side face of the main casing obscured by the exhaust pipe in which case you will need a knife (to scrape the muck off) and a mirror. You are looking for Eg. "28D123456E", we are interested in the first two and the last, i.e. we call this a "28E". Please have a look in the LT230 Technical Section to find a list of Serial numbers / Ratios.

Product Options

If you would like a sleeved casing we have more information on this upgrade  here.

If you would like to upgrade your centre diff with our limited slip type please click here for details. Note this cannot be fitted as well as the HD cross pin below.

If you are using the vehicle heavily off road you may want to upgrade to a heavy duty one piece cross pin, see here. Note this cannot be fitted as well as the ATB above.

For additional cooling, ideal in hot climates, you can add the hi cap sump to your build. For further details please see here.   Please note that regrettably these do not fit the V8 vehicle as they will foul the exhaust.

If you would like a new intermediate shaft we have more information on this here

If you would like a new HD intermediate shaft we have more information on this here

If you would like a new rear output shaft we have more information on this here

If you would like a new HD rear output shaft we have more information on this here



If you are fitting one of our rebuilt units on a ZF autobox you will have to fit the later longer splined FTC5090 coupling shaft if you do not have one already, this is because of the longer female spline on the LT230's cross drilled input gear. If it transpires you don't need it you can return it with the exchange unit for a full credit. see here.



In order to calculate your shipping costs you will need to put the items in your shopping basket and confirm your delivery address. Once you have entered these details a shipping quote will be generated. Please do not proceed to the payment stage unless you are ready to order.

Please note that the shipping cost within the UK mainland for one unit is £60 which includes collection of your old unit. Sorry we are unable to collect from customers outside of the UK.


Product Code: LT 230

Technical Information / FAQ's » (Click to Expand Collapse)

LT 230 Ratios

12D = 1.667

13D = 1.410

14D = 1.003

15D = 1.192

20D = 1.667

21D = 1.667

22D = 1.410

25D = 1.410

26D = 1.003

27D = 1.192

28D = 1.222

29D = 1.192

32D = 1.222

36D = 1.211

37D = 1.211

38D = 1.211

40D = 1.211

41D= 1.211

43D = 1.410

47D = 1.667

57D = 1.410

58D = 1.667

59D = 1.211

61D = 1.211

 62D = 1.211

 68D = 1.211

 69D = 1.211

70D = 1.211

80D = 1.211

81D = 1.211




Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Ratio 1.1

I restored my old One Ten from 1983 and put new gearboxes in. I bravely decided to use a ratio 1.1 on the LT77 and on the 200Tdi, which are built in the car. My hope was to get the car more quiet with reduced revs. Conclusion: With this ratio, the 200 Tdi drives like a car with a 4-speed manual gearbox up to 100 km/h. The 5th gear of the manual gearbox is only usable from ca. 80 km/h with tuned engine, not before. But I never missed anything in the first 4 gears. Remember, this car is not a racecar :-) In the 5th gear the number of revs is lowered so much, that even 120 km/h are pleasantly quiet possible. Moderate tuning is necessary but then the car is absolutely comfortable. My result is very positive. That was a good decision.

Sigi :: Aug 24 2020, 14:13 PM

The Ashcoft Lt230 with ATB

I recently purchased the rebuilt Lt230 with the ATB center diff. I was quite pleased with being able to email my questions and concerns Directly with Mr. Ashcroft. He directed me to exactly what model and what features I needed, The payment process and shipping was expertly coordinated and I received my parts much quicker than I anticipated! All the way to California, USA! As for the unit itself, looks like new and it functions absolutely perfect. This LT 230 was installed in an 94 Range Rover Classic LWB. I replaced the Borg Warner. I had read the LT230 would be noisy compared to the Borg Warner. This is quieter than my old 200,000 MILE BW, by a wide margin.I recommend Ashcroft Transmissions very highly. The experience in general was actually pleasant, and informative. The product looked great, and was crated well. I needed nothing extra to make my swap. Mr. Ashcroft even helped me with my speedometer swapping questions. If you just need to replace your old unit or are swapping to another type, This is the place to go, you won't be disappointed. The 5 star rating is as high as I could rate, they are definitely a 10 star establishment.

John Kemple :: Nov 02 2019, 03:59 AM

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