The main problem with the later axles is you are limited to the small diameter 32 spline where the shaft enters the CV joint, a very common failure point.

Up until now if you have a later 300 TDi or TD5 front axle you were able to change to the earlier 2522 type (and thus the larger 23 spline shaft) by one of 2 ways, either fit the early stubs and hubs or by using thin phosphor bronze bushes and offset drive flanges, neither option is ideal.

This design of CV means you no longer have to do this, we have made it geometrically identical to the 32 spline CV currently fitted but made to accept our larger 23 spline front shafts.
This means you can remove the existing CV and halfshaft assembly and fit our heavy duty CV joint and halfshaft as a direct replacement.

Now supplied with a FIVE YEAR replacement warranty against failure.

Please note the oil seal fitted to the swivel ball has a different inner diameter between the 23 and 32 spline shaft and will also need changing to stop oil migration, these are supplied with the CV’s. The part number of this seal is 571718.