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We are very pleased to announce our new range of Heavy Duty ring and pinions for the rover axle.

We have made 5 ratios to give you more choice:

3.50 ratio, with a tooth count of 28/8

3.75 ratio, with a tooth count of 30/8

4.12 ratio, with a tooth count of 33/8

4.37 ratio, with a tooth count of 35/8

4.75 ratio, with a tooth count of 38/8

We have made a number of design improvements over and above both our old range and the alteratives offered by our competitors.

The information below refers to the 5 Heavy Duty ratios that are available.

Reverse Cut.  All the above 5 ratios are now offered in both the normal rear directional cut and reverse cut for the front so unlike the incorrect stock rover design you are now driving on the stronger drive side of the gear in the front axle.

Materials. We have looked at the materials used by us previously and our competitors and compared these to the genuine materials used by Land rover, after lab tests we found that all of us were using inferior materials to genuine, we have addressed this and the new range are now made from improved materials which is an improvement over the genuine spec.

Tooth Count. The above ratios have been chosen to give us the maximum possible strength out of the rover design constraints, all have a 8 tooth pinion, this is relatively low, ie the rover 3.54 has 13 teeth, you can achieve the same ratio with different tooth configurations, the stock 3.54 ratio is 46/13, our 3.5 ratio is 28/8, pretty much the same ratio but achieved with fewer, but wider teeth, the advantage being the wider teeth are able to absorb higher shock loading. the trade off being increased noise, assuming the gears are setup correctly we have found this increased noise to be minimal but in can sometimes be detected on a road going vehicle,

Helix angle. This is the angle of the ‘scroll’ on the pinion teeth, we have increased this so it looks more like a hypoid profile and gives us more contact area to improve the strength further.

Easy Fitting. The majority of customers fitting these are putting them into late Defenders and Discos, to make the installation easier all pinions accept the later 24 spline drive flanges and have the female thread to accept the later type bolt (FS112301P) and washer (FTC5413), all ring gear threads are the stock 3/8 UNF, we stock the late flanges head high tensile bolts for these also FTC5150, see related parts.

Chemical Blacked.  We have chosen to coat our new range of Ring and Pinions in Chemical Black to aid corrosion resistance and offer a unique appearance.

Note if you fit another ratio ring and pinion, this will throw the speedo out of true, if you have a TD5 or TDCi defender, you can correct it by using our ‘Speedo Correction Kit’


In addition to the 5 Heavy Duty ratios we also supply:

Stock 3.54 ring and pinion for the rover and the P38 / late 110 rear axle.

Please note these prices are per Ring  & Pinion, ie you will need 2 per vehicle.


Warranty Terms.  Please note that we do not offer a 12 month replacement warranty on our Ring and Pinions.  This is because a ring and pinion will usually only fail due to excessive shock loading usually caused by driver error, i.e. landing from a jump with throttle on, etc.  However we are happy to supply a replacement at half price should you experience a failure within 12 months of the invoice date.

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