Many of our products are sold on an exchange basis. This is an amount charged on top of the unit price which acts as a deposit and is refundable on receipt of the exchange unit (old one coming out of the vehicle), as long as the unit is the same type, complete and not stripped, and returned within 12 months.

This means it has to be like for like as it comes out of the vehicle, having not been taken apart at all, and needs to be complete with everything the remanufactured one arrives with. If it does not arrive in this condition, some or all of the surcharge may not be refunded. A standard “stripped” charge of £75 will be deducted from any core return.

Core returned after a 12 month period will be subject to a surcharge as shown below.

The core deposit varies depending on the product.

  Cores returned within number of years from date of invoice   1  2  3  4
  Percentage  Refund  100  75  50  25