If you would like to return a product or send a unit in for a rebuild, please use the returns form below.

Returns Form

Please note any units being sent into us, must be in the same condition as shown in our ‘What our units are supplied with’ videos. Please see links below:

R380 Long Stick https://youtu.be/8b9eX8zmn2Q

R380 Short Stick https://youtu.be/L7dlpUf074U

R380 P38 https://youtu.be/gcnkqwytzLo

LT77 Long Stick https://youtu.be/avePiKbb1JY

LT77 Short Stick https://youtu.be/FXpH_T0ZwzI

MT82 https://youtu.be/MBOoRv1uW1c

ZF4HP22 https://youtu.be/_Oyi7hKfl0w

LT230 https://youtu.be/vWVbMP1yqoA

P38 Borg Warner https://youtu.be/L4i0OcZKY2U

RRC Borg Warner https://youtu.be/g1H9khTFqhs