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We supply the LT230 geardrive transfer boxes as well as the Borg Warner chain drive transfer boxes as fitted to the RR Classic from 1989 onwards and the P38A or “New Shape” RR.

In this category we have 2 options for the LT230 transfer box.

Our quality rebuilt LT230 which we are world renowned for and sell approx. 1500 / year, and our newly introduced all new LT230.

Please click on each individual product to see more information.

How we rebuild them

When we rebuild a box, the unit is stripped down, washed in both Safety Kleen and hot wash tanks then the casings are shot blasted with glass bead. Once “Prepped” the stripped unit is sent to the build area in a plastic tub.

The LT 230 transfer boxes have a fixed set of new parts including new taper roller bearings, the centre diff is checked and changed if necessary then shimmed up .Once the new parts are picked the first step in the build process is to lay the parts out on the bench for inspection, the gears are closely inspected paying particular attention to the condition of the centre diff and the wear pattern on the gear teeth. If they pass inspection they are used again, if not they go in the scrap.

Once rebuilt, they are then tested. Please see video below of the testing process, first we noise test and then the unit gets dunked into water to check for any air bubbles as this could mean a leak.

The Borg Warner transfer boxes all have a new chain and new viscous coupling units are fitted when required, the RR classic ones have a new output shaft and new oil pump.

Once built the unit is stamped with a number and a spec sheet filled out giving us info on the unit specification, who built it, when it was built and exactly what parts were fitted.

How to order

Should you wish to place an order for a unit you will need to first identify the serial number of the unit you want to replace using the videos to show where to find this number in the relevant section, you can then either use our online order form,  phone, fax or email us with your name, phone number, delivery address, what it is that you would like to order and payment details (please don’t email credit card details, use our secure online order form). Once the order is received we will contact you to give a delivery date and confirm carriage charges if applicable.

When we send a unit out, we charge a core deposit charge which is refunded upon receipt of the old unit assuming it is the same type as supplied and must be complete and not stripped with an intact casing, these core charges vary depending on the type supplied as detailed in the relevant section.

Identifying your Unit

If you have a 5 or 6 speed Defender, Disco 1 or 2 or Range Rover classic pre 1989 you will have the LT 230

The Range Rover classics post 1989 and the P38 Range Rovers were fitted with the Borg Warner

We also make a kit to raise the gearing on the early series landrovers which we call the High Ratio Transfer case

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