Heavy Duty front halfshafts and CV joints to fit the Discovery 2.

As the D2 has a “open knuckle” type front axle we are able to put in a much larger diameter CV joint, this increased diameter not only allows a much thicker wall of the CV bell but also allows the use of bigger balls which reduce stresses and also allows us to increase the halfshaft from the small stock 32 spline to the much larger 24 spline, same as the 24 spline at the diff end.

We have used the same proven materials as our other shafts and CV”s, ie 4340 for the shaft and CV outer and 300M for the cage and inner.

Note when fitting these shafts you will have to swap the dust covers off the old shafts and refit to the new shafts with loctite.

From our testing on our hydraulic test rig but we know that the stock CV”s fail at 3700 ft/lbs, when testing the heavy duty ones the shaft failed before the CV at 7460 ft/lbs, over twice as strong.

In addition to our normal HD D2 front shafts which are made of the 4340 material we have made a limited quantity of these shafts in 300M material. This 300M is in theory only about 20% stronger but is much more elastic, we have also reduced the main shank diameter down by 2mm to ensure the whole shaft can flex and we have no stress concentrations at the spline ends. These are aimed at the Rally Raid customers that can’t afford a shaft failure mid race.

Comparison photos of stock and the heavy duty :

The Kits consists of :

2 x front shafts

2 x CV”s

2 x CV boots

4 x boot clips

2 x shaft clips

The shafts and CV”s are covered by a 5 YEAR warranty against failure.