LT230 – Rebuilt

LT230 – Rebuilt


Plus £350.00 Core Deposit
(12 customer reviews)

Transfer cases that do not have diff lock are either a 61A or 69A. We charge an extra £150 if we supply with diff lock and receive without.

All prices exclude VAT


There are many different types of LT230 transfer cases used across the Land Rover range. Prices assume a serviceable exchange unit (if the exchange unit is deemed unserviceable a surcharge will apply).

The core cost is the cost to be added to the exchange cost if the transmission is purchased on an outright sale.

We are able to supply alternative ratios, sometimes with no increase in cost. A popular ratio change for the Defender is to change from the stock 1.4 to 1.2 which will raise the gearing in a Td5 90/110 or a Defender Tdi by 15%. For more info on this conversion see here

To see an explanation of our core deposit please click here

These prices assume like for like ratio’s, if you are altering your ratio additional charges may apply.

Please note our rebuilt units come with the later cross drilled input gear, this has a longer internal spline so when fitting on a ZF auto you will need the longer splined ZF coupling shaft if you dont have one already, see FTC5090

If desired we can rebuild your own unit.

If you are sending your unit to us for rebuild please see the video section above and watch “what the rebuilt LT230 comes with” before sending your unit/(s) to us. The unit/(s) you are sending in should be sent in like this. If sending both a gearbox and transfer box the units should also be separated before shipment. We reserve the right to charge up to an additional £30, plus vat if applicable, for units that are not sent in like this.

The serial number will be stamped in one of 2 possible places, either on the bottom left of the main casing or on the earlier vehicles right at the bottom of the left hand side face of the main casing obscured by the exhaust pipe in which case you will need a knife (to scrape the muck off) and a mirror. You are looking for Eg. “28D123456E”, we are interested in the first two and the last, i.e. we call this a “28E”. Please have a look in the LT230 Technical Section to find a list of Serial numbers / Ratios.

Product Options

If you would like a sleeved casing we have more information on this upgrade here.

If you would like to upgrade your centre diff with our limited slip type please click here for details. Note this cannot be fitted as well as the HD cross pin below.

If you are using the vehicle heavily off road you may want to upgrade to a heavy duty one piece cross pin, see here. Note this cannot be fitted as well as the AATB above.

For additional cooling, ideal in hot climates, you can add the hi cap sump to your build. For further details please see here. Please note that regrettably these do not fit the V8 vehicle as they will foul the exhaust.

If you would like a new intermediate shaft we have more information on this here

If you would like a new HD intermediate shaft we have more information on this here

If you would like a new rear output shaft we have more information on this here

If you would like a new HD rear output shaft we have more information on this here


Video of an LT230 being built


Video of a rebuilt LT230 being tested, first the noise test and then dunked in water to check for any air bubbles, as this could mean a leak


What the rebuilt LT230 comes with


Where to find the serial number on a LT230


Video of an LT 230 being built.

Video of a rebuilt LT230 being tested, first a noise test and then dunked in water to check for air bubbles, as this could mean a leak

Video to show what the rebuilt LT230 comes with.

Video to show where to find the serial number on an LT230.

Core Deposit


Many of our products are sold on an exchange basis. This is an amount charged on top of the unit price which acts as a deposit and is refundable on receipt of the exchange unit (old one coming out of the vehicle), as long as the unit is the same type, complete and not stripped, and returned within 12 months.

This means it has to be like for like as it comes out of the vehicle, having not been taken apart at all, and needs to be complete with everything the remanufactured one arrives with. If it does not arrive in this condition, some or all of the surcharge may not be refunded. A standard “stripped” charge of £75 will be deducted from any core return.

Core returned after a 12 month period will be subject to a surcharge as shown below.

The core deposit varies depending on the product.


Cores returned within number of years from date of invoice  1  






 Percentage  Refund  100  75  50  25

Shipping Costs

In order to calculate your shipping costs you will need to put the items in your shopping basket and confirm your delivery address. Once you have entered these details a shipping quote will be generated. Please do not proceed to the payment stage unless you are ready to order.



I am not sure if the diff lock is working correctly, how do I check it ?

To check diff lock adjustment:

  • Put the handbrake on,
  • Put the mainbox in neutral and the transfer case in high,
  • Jack up one front wheel,
  • When out of diff lock you should be able to spin the front wheel that is up in the air.
  • When in diff lock, the wheel should not spin,


I have checked the diff lock and it in not locking/unlocking when it should be, what can I check next ?

Usually this is due to either incorrect adjustment or wear in the linkage causing a reduced movement, take a look at the smal lever on the diff lock stud on the top of the front housing of the transfer case, when out of diff lock this lever should point straight ahead, when in diff lock this lever should be rotated clockwise and detent to the 2 o’clock position. Adjust the pivot bolt on the vertical linkage to get the throw correct. If it is in the 2 o’clock position and the diff will still not lock then try backing out the diff lock light switch, sometimes the switch plunger can stop the selector fork from sliding which stops it locking.

I have checked the adjustment but it won’t come out of diff lock. Why?

This is often reported after recent off roading, the centre diff is there to allow the props to turn at different speeds when cornering to stop drivetrain wind up, the speed difference is quite small and the centre diff gears are only designed to cope with these low speeds. If you are off road on snow or ice and you get wheelspin from one front wheel, what will happen is the rear prop will not be moving, the front will thus be going double speed, this means the small centre diff gears will be spinning like fury and after a matter of only a few seconds the plant gears will friction weld to the cross pins and the gears will fail etc, the result of this is that the diff will then behave as if it is locked as it in jammed with gear debris. The can happen if the driver forgets to lock the centre diff on a low traction surface or due to incorrect linkage adjustment, Please note this failure is not covered under warranty as we deem this driver error, the diff will never fail for any other reason other than excessive spinning, in which case the diff should have been locked by the driver.

What is a PTO ?

A PTO or Power Take Off is a device than can be fitted to the LT230 transfer case and be used to drive an auxilary system such as a hydraulic pump or winch, its fitted behind the input gear at the top of the transfer case and is driven by the dog teeth at the rear of the input gear

What oil should I use in my LT230?

Use a GL4 or GL5, either mineral EP80/90 or synthetic EP75W90

I have just fitted a new cross drilled input gear to my LT230 and it whines, is this normal?

Some “pattern” gears are not “crowned” during manufacture and will whine because of the edge contact this creates

The difflock on my LT230 does not engage even though the selector rod moves to the right position. Why?

Sometimes the difflock indicator switch sticks and this prevents the difflock selector mechanism moving across. Back off the switch one turn and try difflock again.

I have just fitted a rebuilt LT230 transfer box and it is locked solid, i.e. I cannot turn it, why?

Check that the bolts you used to bolt the transfer box to the main box are in the correct positions. It is possible to fit a “longer” bolt in a position which will jam the intermediate gear and prevent it rotating. There are three bolts down each side attaching the transfer box to the main box and it is the middle of the three on the right hand side that causes the problem. On earlier transfer boxes a “stud” was fitted in this position to reduce the possibility of error. Sometimes the stud is omitted on later boxes or rebuilds.

I want to change the input gear on my LT230 for a later cross drilled type, can I do this in situ or do I have to take the transfer box out?

This is only available on a suffix C or later (last number of transfer case), it cannot be changed on Suffix A or B transfer boxes. On a 1.667 or a 1.410 removal of the gear is simple, it just slides out; on a 1.222 it in necessary to rotate the intermediate gear to a position where the teeth on the middle and rear gears are in line and allow the input gear to slide through. It is not possible to change a 1.003 in situ.

My vehicle will only drive when I put the LT230 transfer case into difflock, what is the problem ?

This is likely to be an axle problem ie a broken halfshaft etc, to work out which axle it is, take it out of difflock, start the engine and try to drive, with the clutch up ask someone to look under the car and see which prop is spinning, if the rear is spinning then the problem is in the rear axle, visa versa.

I have just tried to fit my new LT230 transfer box to my manual gearbox and it will not fit on. Why would this be?

The likely reason is that you have dowels both in your gearbox, left behind from your old transfer box and also in your new transfer box . This means the dowels are hitting each other and stopping the two faces fitting together properly. Remove transfer box and check you should have one of each dowel, ie one hollow at the top and one stepped at the bottom.Remove the dowels left in your gearbox to correct this problem.

I am trying to fit a LT230 Disco transfer box to my gearbox and it will not fit on. Why?

Firstly check to make sure that you do not have too many dowels in position (see FAQ above).If this is not the case then it is likely that the input gear and the mainshaft are not sitting in the right position for you to slide the transfer box on and you will need to rotate the input gear until the splines line up so you can slide it on fully. First check you are in high or low and not in neutral, then put it in diff lock, if you have a Disco 2 LT230 with no diff lock then you will have to turn both flanges together, if you do have diff lock and its now locked then you only have to turn one flange to make the input gear rotate. If the diff is unlocked and you turn one flange, this will just rotate the other flange and will not rotate the input gear

How can I tell the ratio of my transfer case when its out of the vehicle ?

Pls follow the steps below:

  1. Put the transfer box in difflock
  2. Put the transfer box in high range
  3. Put a piece of cardboard in the input gear hole
  4. Put a marker in the 12 oclock position on one of the output flanges
  5. Count how many times you need to turn the output flange to make the input gear turn once.
  6. Result :-

Just over 1.5 times = 1.6 ratioJust under 1.5times = 1.410 ratioJust under 1.25 times = 1.2 ratioApprox 1 = 1.003 ratio

Please see video below on how to do this:


LT 230 Ratios

12D = 1.667

13D = 1.410

14D = 1.003

15D = 1.192

20D = 1.667

21D = 1.667

22D = 1.410

25D = 1.410

26D = 1.003

27D = 1.192

28D = 1.222

29D = 1.192

32D = 1.222

34A = 1.410

36D = 1.211

37D = 1.211

38D = 1.211

40D = 1.211

41D= 1.211

43D = 1.410

47D = 1.667

57D = 1.410

59D = 1.211

61D = 1.211

 62D = 1.211

 68D = 1.211

 69D = 1.211

70D = 1.211

80D = 1.211

81D = 1.211

Please see video below on how to identify the ratio of your transfer box if it does not have a serial number:



12 reviews for LT230 – Rebuilt

  1. John Kemple

    The Ashcoft Lt230 with ATB

    I recently purchased the rebuilt Lt230 with the ATB center diff. I was quite pleased with being able to email my questions and concerns Directly with Mr. Ashcroft. He directed me to exactly what model and what features I needed, The payment process and shipping was expertly coordinated and I received my parts much quicker than I anticipated! All the way to California, USA! As for the unit itself, looks like new and it functions absolutely perfect. This LT 230 was installed in an 94 Range Rover Classic LWB. I replaced the Borg Warner. I had read the LT230 would be noisy compared to the Borg Warner. This is quieter than my old 200,000 MILE BW, by a wide margin.I recommend Ashcroft Transmissions very highly.
    The experience in general was actually pleasant, and informative. The product looked great, and was crated well. I needed nothing extra to make my swap. Mr. Ashcroft even helped me with my speedometer swapping questions. If you just need to replace your old unit or are swapping to another type, This is the place to go, you won’t be disappointed. The 5 star rating is as high as I could rate, they are definitely a 10 star establishment.

  2. Andreas Hirt (verified owner)

    Perfect, on time, great quality. Delivery in Switzerland.
    first-class service. recommended without reservation.
    Thank you very much !

  3. Ken Ryan (verified owner)

    From an engineering aspect this is a beautifully prepared piece of kit, service has been excellent with any questions answered quickly and delivered exactly as stated, cant fault

  4. t.kalcher (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely pleased with my recent purchase of a rebuilt LT230.
    Excellent choice of options – I would have chosen a “longer 5th gear” if this would be offered.
    The order process was transparent from placing the order to delivery. By the way really great service by DHL delivering the unit. Other UK based companies provide a service of prepaid import taxes to the EU, but also this process was easy with the perfect process of DHL.
    The quality of the product is good, I would prefer paper gaskets but can understand the easiness of the adhesive bonding compound.
    Of course, this new unit changed the sound of the Defender, no vibrations but a harder sound of the new bearings I guess.
    I was surprised by the missing speedo drive gear, didn’t watch the “What the rebuilt LT230 comes with” carefully.
    The different connector of the diff lock indicator was easy to fix.

    Overall I can only highly recommend Ashcroft, thanks for your excellence!

  5. antbuhagiar (verified owner)

    No one can complain about Ashcroft Transmissions. Their staff are very helpful if one has any issues before purchasing. I purchased 2 x LT 230 (1.4) in a span of a year – 1 for a Discovery 2 and the other for a Defender. Thumbs up for their professionality in the industry. I always recommend Ashcroft Transmissions.

  6. David Fraser-Luckie (verified owner)

    Excellent service…. Highly recommended.

  7. Gord’n Perrott (verified owner)

    I have bought units from Ashcroft for years. They offer very good products at a good price. I recommend them for any of your transmission needs.

  8. james-2704 (verified owner)

    Purchased a 1.003 for my mt82 geared m57 90. Having used the gear calculator this ratio seemed the perfect match for my gnox and diff/tyre combo. Delighted with the service. Arrived very quickly, fitted next morning and drives like a dream. Having the ability to ratio choose and add options as you need is superb. 2200rpm at motorway speeds with great economy, does everything I could of asked for. No problems.

  9. Gigglepin (verified owner)

    Superb product as usual, Thank you to Dave and his team!

  10. Roger Clarke (verified owner)

    As Always, A friendly Knowledgeable, professional service. We at Clarkes 4 Landys wouldn’t use anyone else. Using Ashcroft Transmissions adds value and piece of mind to Your Land Rover.

  11. Carl Polley (verified owner)

    Sleek excellent service from Ashcroft , transfer box looked fantastic and works as expected, thanks guys

  12. Radhaus K Heiko Koechert (verified owner)

    Perfekt! Schnell geliefert, Kommunikation 1A, So macht arbeiten Spaß!

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