This is a very popular gear set, especially for those with a TD5 90/110 or Tdi which revs excessively on the motorway. This gear set will enable you to raise your transfer case gearing by 15%, by replacing the gears in the exising 1.410 ratio transfer box with new 1.222 gears, as used in the Disco. This will not only reduce your revs but also reduce noise. This change will not effect Low Range and will leave your Speedo reading true.

This kit offers a simple and effective change to your vehicle and there is nothing to go wrong.

You may find it useful to use our ‘ratio calculator’

For some transfer boxes an additional gear will be required in order to fit this kit. Please advise your serial number on ordering and we will contact you if it is required.

The additional gear will cost either £45 or £65 depending on the serial number.