Oil cooler kits to be used with ZF4HP22/24 for use when fitting to a Defender.

Each kit consists of:-

Oil cooler

2 x 2.5 metre half inch bore pushloc hose

2 x 90 deg oil cooler/pushloc fittings

2 x pushloc/banjo fittings to suit autobox.

2 x 90 deg cooler pipes

Please note we use rubber pipes which we think are fine as long as they are routed correctly, i.e not kinked and routed away from both sharp edges and away from hot items, i.e exhaust. The fittings are a barbed pushloc type which need no clips.

The size of the cooler in this kit is:- 32 x 28.5 x 5 cm (excluding mounting lugs)

Note there are two sizes of threads used in the ZF autoboxes – M16 x 1.5 and M18 x 1.5 – please select from drop down accordingly.

Please note that this cooler does not come with any mountings, you will need to make these to suit your application.