Our new generation of Heavy Duty halfshafts are made from “4340” Alloy Steel and are supplied with a FIVE YEAR replacement warranty against breakage.

These shafts are 24 spline at the diff and 23 spline at the CV, note they will not fit the stock 300 TDi onwards CV joints. Please see the application guide for more info.

NOTE : Over 3,000 pairs of this new design of front shaft sold since October 05.

In addition to our normal front shafts which are made of the 4340 material we have made a limited quantity of these shafts in 300M material. This 300M is in theory only about 20% stronger but is much more elastic, we have also reduced the main shank diameter down by 2mm to ensure the whole shaft can flex and we have no stress concentrations at the spline ends. These are more expensive at £425 per pair and are aimed at competition users that cant afford a shaft failure mid race.