Please note we have run out of the P38 4 pin diff centres, until we have more stock, we are only able to supply the Rover 4 pin diff centre fitted with the P38 Spacer Ring (see here ), in order to get the correct crown wheel offset for this differential assembly.

We are able to supply reconditioned differentials to suit the P38 Range Rover and 2002 onwards 110 rear diff. These diffs are also known as the ‘Short nose’ type diffs.

In the P38 both 2 pin and 4 pin diff centres were used. The two pin is used on the front and rear of the 2.5 diesel and 4.0 petrol P38’s. The 4.6 petrol uses the 2 pin in the front and the 4 pin in the rear.

The late (2002 on) 110 rear also uses the 4 pin type so you will have to select the additional £85 charge for the 4 pin diff. If you have a two pin diff and wish to upgrade to a 4 pin this would be an additional charge, see above on the drop down menu (4 Pin – Upgrade)

Note the additional £85 charge for the 4 pin diff assumes that its being supplied in exchange for a 4 pin diff.

Diffs can be built with different centres, different ring and pinions or can be pegged. For more information on pegging please see here . You can build your diff spec by making the selection in the drop down boxes. Please note the lead time for a pegged diff is around 3 weeks.

Product Options

If you would like to upgrade your diff with a different diff centre, for a Locking diff see more details here, for a limited slip diff see more details here, for a 4 pin see more details here.

If you would like the casing pegged, see more details here.

The core deposit for this unit is £200. To see an explanation of the core deposit please click here

Please note that the shipping cost within the UK mainland is £35 which includes collection of your old unit. Sorry we are unable to collect from customers outside of the UK.


Video of a differential being built


What a differential comes with