We use the term ‘Rover’ diff for all diffs fitted to the Landrover 90, 110 front diff, Discovery 1 and Discovery 2 diffs, also known as ‘long nose’ diffs.

When we rebuild a diff they all have four new taper roller bearings, new oil seal and all have a new drive flange, the ring and pinions are inspected for wear and damage and if they pass they are reused if not, new are fitted.

We only use quality parts, the new bearings are all Timken brand and the oil seals are made by Corteco.

The rover type diff comes in 10 or 24 spline, 3 or 4 bolt drive flange, the 3 bolt flange model was used on the later RRC and D1 rear and all D2 rears, 3.54 ratio and imperial or metric, please specify either the landrover part number or vehicle type and year when ordering.

Product Options

If you would like to upgrade your diff with a different diff centre, for a Locking diff see more details here, for a limited slip diff see more details here, for a 4 pin see more details here.

We are able to offer a New Rover Diff Housing rather than a standard reconditioned housing, for more details see here.

If you are selecting a Pegged Housing, this will be new, for more details see here.

If you would like a heavy duty ring and pinion, see more details here.

To see an explanation of our core deposit please click here

For the Series Vehicle

Due to the poor quality of the Aftermarket Series Ring and Pinions we fit our Series diffs with our HD 4.75 Rear Ring and Pinion. If you are just replacing one diff this will result in a very slight difference between your two diffs. This is not a problem unless you are in 4 wheel drive on a high traction surface ie on the road which you shouldnt be really.

Please note that Series Vehicle and Range Rover Classic vehicles, pre 1983,  have oil filler plugs in the diff housing, rather than the axle housing.  If you need a oil filler plug on your rebuilt diff please make us aware of this in comments box that will arise during the order process.



Video of a differential being built


What a differential comes with