After many months work, and considerable investment, we are very pleased to offer ALL NEW LT230 Transfer cases.

There are many different types of LT230 transfer cases used across the Land Rover range, we can supply any factory variant of the LT230 as well as units incorporating our special ratio gears sets, AATB centre diffs and various other heavy duty upgrades.

As the NEW LT230, unlike the rebuilt unit, has all new gears, there is no additional cost to change your transfer box ratio.


Product Options

If you would like to upgrade your centre diff with our limited slip type please click here for details. Note this cannot be fitted as well as the HD cross pin below.

If you are using the vehicle heavily off road you may want to upgrade to a heavy duty one piece cross pin, see here. Note this cannot be fitted as well as the AATB above.

For additional cooling, ideal in hot climates, you can add the hi cap sump to your build. For further details please see herePlease note that regrettably these do not fit the V8 vehicle as they will foul the exhaust.

If you would like a new HD intermediate shaft we have more information on this here

If you would like a new HD rear output shaft we have more information on this here


We are acutely aware that the rebuilding industry relies on core supply,  i.e, we are not able to supply a rebuilt unit unless we have an old unit to start with. In the last few years we have seen core unit prices rise steadily in the UK, this is due to a few reasons, not many people break a Defender due to their value, instead much of the rebuilding industry rely on old units coming from the Disco 1 and 2 and they are then adapted to make Defender units. The Disco 2 stopped production in 2004 and all the rebuilding industry have been exporting units since this date, the result being core prices are rising as the supply dries up.

This obviously presents a major challenge for our business model, we either accept core quality will reduce and core prices will rise or the alternative is we invest heavily in the future and manufacture new parts. We already manufacture many parts for these, all gears, flanges, selector forks and many other parts but in mid 2022 we decided to make the casings, centre diff and all other parts so we had the capacity to make an LT230 from 100% brand new parts. We assembled our first prototype unit late 2022 and as of now (start of 2024) we are now able to offer these units to our customers.

Every single part is brand new and the majority of parts are manufactured by us to genuine specs, all units are assembled by our experienced build team using OEM Timken bearings and Corteco seals.



Please note all units come with the later cross drilled input gear, this has a longer internal spline so when fitting on a ZF auto you will need the longer splined ZF coupling shaft if you don’t have one already, see FTC5090

Note all units are  new transfer boxes are sold on an outright basis.