We are very pleased to announce a special 1.301 ratio gear set we have made for the LT230T.

For those not familiar with these ratios, this means the input gear will turn 1.301 times for each turn of the output flanges. The low ratio stays the same at 3.321.

This ratio is ideal for TDi and TD5 Defenders which would have the 1.410 ratio fitted as standard but if they are being used as a light road car ie not regularly heavy towing they can happliy pull higher gear for more relaxed motorway driving. Until now the only option to up the gearing from the 1.410 on these vehicles was to fit the next ratio up being the 1.222. This 1.222 gearing may still be fine for a lighter 90 thats not towing much but one criticism of the 1.222 equiped vehicles is that if you are heavy it can make 1st gear a bit too tall to comfortably pull away. This 1.301 ratio gives you a good compromise if you want lower RPM but think the 1.222 will be too high. Note this can also be used in conjunction with the higher ratio 5th gear if you are changing the R380 at the same time.

This ratio can also be used if you have fitted larger tyres to your Discovery and you are finding it overgeared.

You may find it useful to use our ‘ratio calculator’ to see the reduction in engine RPM when using this ratio.

These have the thinner type engagement teeth on the high gear and so will fit the LT230’s with serial number XXD226368E and later.

If you want to fit this ratio to a unit with a serial number before XXD226368E then you will also need FTC1084 (low range gear) and FTC382 (high/low hub).

For some transfer boxes an additional gear will be required in order to fit this kit. These gears are made to accept the 26 tooth input gear which all 1.410 and 1.667 ratio LT230’s will have. If you have a 1.208 ratio a new input gear can be supplied at £ 45, if you have a 1.211 ratio a new input gear can be supplied at £ 65.

Please advise your serial number on ordering and we will contact you if it is required.