To gain improved traction over the stock open differential we supply the “Truetrac” from Tratech. This uses a gear type torque bias design (no clutches or friction plate to wear out) giving progressive torque bias.

Can be supplied to accept either 10 or 24 spline halfshafts and are sold for front and rear application.

Note : Due to the nature of the ATB diff we do not recommend the vehicle is brake tested on rollers, ask for a decelerometer to be used instead.

They are made to fit metric bearings and a metric diff casing, we are able to supply a pair of these new journal bearings (RTC3095), if you have a Series Landrover you will need both a 4.7 spacer ring and a pair of Imperial bearing sleeves, if you have a pre 1983 RR diff you will just need the Imperial bearing sleeves.

If fitting to the P38 RR or the late 110 non Salisbury rear axle you will need to use this Spacer ring.

If you bring us a good take out diff and would like the Detroit centre built in please enquire for a price.

If you would like a complete diff assembly with a Truetrac pls click here.