For the Ser IIA & III we can offer a high ratio transfer case kit.

This kit was developed as a stronger alternative to the Series “overdrive.” By using the High Ratio conversion the High range is raised by 31.8% (overdrive is 27.5%) whilst leaving Low range unchanged. This suits most users who like a higher gear for on road economy, retaining the stock low range for off road use.

Other advantages of this conversion, compared with fitting 3.54 diffs, are:- the speedo drive will not need re-calibrating, there is no loss of handbrake efficiency and most importantly there is no loss of strength.

Note you will need the suffix C, 36 tooth low gear, part number 532979,

Please note this kit cannot be used as well as an Overdrive but you can still use the rear PTO.

Sorry but we are not able to offer a fitting service on this kit,

There will also be an additional £75 core charge. To see an explanation of the core deposit please click here

This will be refunded on receipt of your old bare casing if this is returned to us.

Note this kit is often out of stock as we have no casings but you can send yours into us and we can rework and return with the gears at the same price. The casing must be stripped of all studs and dowels.