Please note that, due to core availability, we may not be able to offer the LT77 50A & 56A variant Defender gearboxes. It may be that you will need to send your own unit to us for reconditioning or as an alternative you could consider upgrading to the direct fit R380 replacement. If you email us we can advise if supplying from our stock is currently possible or not.

This section covers the LT77 and the later LT77S as used between approx 1982 to 1994.

There are many different types of LT77 used in the Landrover range, the first ones were used in about 1983, these were the suffix D (last digit of the serial number) and were the weakest type. The LT77 was developed through to the suffix H LT77S and was last used in 1994, please have a look at the related “technical information” section for further information on this progression.

What they arrive with :

The manual boxes can be catagorised as “Long Stick” as fitted to the Defender and “Short Stick” as fitted to the Disco.
If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a longstick : 50A, 51A, 52A, 56A, 60A, 61A.
If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a shortstick : 53A, 54A, 55A, 57A, 59A, 63A.
The longstick boxes come with the top casting that the gearlever and turret bolt to but you will need to remove the following from the old unit : the bellhousing and dowels, transfer case dowels, gearlever and turret and diff lock pivot bolt if fitted.

The shortstick boxes come with remote top assembly with reverse switch fitted but you will need to swap over the bellhousing & dowels, transfer case dowels, extension gearstick and diff lock pivot bolt.

Sorry we are unable to collect from customers outside of the UK.


Video of a LT77 being built


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Videos to show what each type of LT77 is supplied with

Long Stick


Short Stick