We are able to supply the MT82 6 spd manual Defender gearbox as fitted to the 2007 onwards 2.4 / 2.2 TDCi engine.

One of the common failures of the MT82 box is the premature wear of the output shaft due to a design fault. We have developed a kit to remedy this issue. You may wish to consider including this upgrade in the build of your new box to avoid future premature failure. For further information of this problem and the upgrade option click here

To see an explanation of our core deposit please click here

Please note that your exchange unit must be complete and not stripped. If your exchange unit is stripped a £375 surcharge will be deducted from your core charge refund plus the cost of any missing parts. In addition if your casing is damaged in any way additional surcharges will also be applied.


Video to show what a MT82 is supplied with